Gotta say. It felt nice to finally meet Dominic in person.


Matt: The Blood Moon is coming.
Rory: Is that bad? Should we call somebody?

Audrey [about Shelby]: Fiery and pathetic. It's exactly how I played her.
Rory: Nailed it.

Shelby: It's never too late for love.
Audrey: Too late? What do you mean? When is it too late? When your heart ossifies? When your vagina exsiccates into an ancient artifact? Or is it just any woman over the age of 29? What do you mean?

Audrey: She's outside my house with a large knife! She's come to take my Saturn!
911 Operator: Someone's trying to steal your vehicle ma'am?
Audrey: No, my Saturn Award! Bloody hell, it's Agnes! She's all spun up that I won. Hurry! She's quite mad!

Well, he is a whirlwind that one, isn't he? Who could have guessed that a woman of a certain age could have landed such a handsome young stud?


Diana: It's 2:15 on Wednesday the 12th and this video will serve as evidence of what really went down on set today. Because I know Sidney is going to make me look like a crazy bitch. But too much creepy shit has been happening for me not to say anything. Sid may not see it, but I know something freaky is happening at that place. I would rather look like a crazy bitch than get killed trying to make this show.

Something terrifying is happening with this place.


Alcohol is the secret sauce to reality shows!


I'm a single mother looking to better my family's situation. Is that so hard to understand?


"Who but I am both the tree and the lightning that strikes it?" Should I do it again? I mean, I can make it grittier, more vulnerable. I just, I really love this part. It's a great part.


We thought that doing the show would be a healing experience. Maybe help us process everything. It just made us relive it all.


American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Sid: "Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell." I'm gonna bring everybody who lived in that house, and the actors who played them on the show, and put them together in that house again. Only this time, hidden cameras recording everything.

The camera never stops, no matter what anybody says. Even if I tell you to stop, keep rolling. You got it?

Sid [to cameraman]