Sister Jude: I do hope you know what you are in for. The loneliness, the heartbreak, the sacrifice you will face as a woman with a dream on her own.
Lana: You don't have any idea of what I'm capable of.
Sister Jude: Well, then, look at you, Ms. Lana Banana. Just remember if you look in the face of evil, evil's gonna look right back at you.

You are gonna give me that book because it's my fate to have it. You see I have a plan to meet my mother. And when I see her I'm going to greet her with a polite hello, Ms Winters, do you know who I am? And, she'll shake her head in ignorance and then I'll present this book of lies. And, then I'll say, "I'm in your book, except I didn't die. I'm the piece of trash you threw away 48 years ago. I'm your son." When she fully understands who it is standing in front of her, I'll take out my 9 mm handgun, point it at her face, and pull the trigger. And, I would have finally completed my father's work. But, first, I'm going to need that book.


Jude: They don't know, but I don't need the hat. I can fly without it. ONe of these days I'm going to fly my ass right outta here. Watch and see.
Kit: I don't doubt it.

Why are you writing about him? He's just another maniac!


The cruelest thing of all is false hope.


The Monsignor: Please, Jude, don't be childish.
Jude: Childish? Hell, I'm the Queen of Candyland.

Kit's kid: Daddy?
Kit: Daddy will be there in a minute.

Monsignor: Help me.
Dark Angel: I'm here.

The baby's full term. It won't be long.


Well, hot damn.


You know how this goes. You make a sound, I bash your head in.


I'm the son of Bloody Face.