Craig: We're moving pretty fast for something this complicated. Deran's smart and all, but he isn't fast.
Pope: We'll be fine as long as he doesn't let Billy get into his head.
Craig: He's a dope fiend. He's not exactly Osama bin Laden.

You piece of shit.

Nicky's Dad

Pope: Why we taking a junkie on the job?
Deran: What do you want me to do? Leave him at the house?

Pope: You know, this is the most complicated job we've planned without Baz. If we get caught, it's serious time, man.
Deran: Well, we're not gonna get caught.
Pope: Well, you're in charge. That means it's all on you if it goes south.

Lucy: All Smurf cared about was her own damn money, and he took that away from her.
Baz: Who did Smurf call when she wanted something taken care of? She calls me. I didn't kill my brother.

She's your mother. I get it, but she killed Baz. And you know it.


What other people think of me is none of my business.


Good sex is spiritual...psychological.


Smurf: When I tell you to do something, I'm not asking.
J: I'm the only reason that black eye isn't an everyday occurrence.
Smurf: Watch yourself.
J: I'm the only one that visits you. The only one that gives a shit you're in here. If I stop coming, you're going to die in here.