Alice: Beth is gone.
Kate: Then why save me?
Alice: Because I have plans for you, Kate. That and it's no fun torturing a corpse. Believe me, I've tried.

Tommy wants Batman. The city needs Batman. And I am not Batman.

Kate Kane

Tommy: You're not Batman.
Batwoman: That's the point.

Red wig? And I'm the crazy one.


Sophie: Do you normally stay out all night when a psychopath is targetting your family?
Mary: What was I supposed to do? NOT go to Kylie Q's Glam Jam and miss next summer's colors?

Kate: That is not your desk.
Tommy: Shhh... Do you hear that? That is the sound of me officially having more money than Bruce Wayne.

What's UP, Candy Kane?

Tommy Elliot

I thought you were buffing up on some lesbian ninja retreat?

Tommy Elliot

Kate: What is THIS?

So is Dad forcing Kate to have a pocket Crow or is it just me?


He's an entitled one-percent asshat. Now, he's inviting you to show off his new douche chateau?


Sophie: Your dad assigned me as Mary's security detail.
Kate: That sucks.
Mary: No kidding.

Batwoman Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

What happened to your Batsuit-knockoff, Kate? Too tight? No give? Or did you JUST realize that you accidentally blew a dog-whistle that you can't un-blow?


I never meant to give this city so much hope.

Kate Kane