Is the caterpillar trying to convince the world that he is a butterfly? If so, I will follow him to you, my little Mouse, and together, we will pull off his wings.


Maybe I don't want you to give up on me.


And they call Nocturna a vampire when all you do is feed off my guilt like the parasite you are.


I'm sorry that my being alive continues to disappoint you.


Kate: I'll look like a jealous ex.
Luke: Or a hero who catches a serial killer.
Kate: You go if you're so eager.
Luke: You're Batwoman! I'm wearing a glow-in-the-dark tie.

Sophie: I'm here for work.
Mary: Well, you are definitely working something.

Kate: Did we just lure a vampire to us using a bar full of walking blood bags?
Luke: Theoretically, yes. Technically, no.

Kate: Well, if we can't track her down, maybe we can draw her out.
Luke: Please don't say blood drive.

Kate: I was partying pretty hard last night...
Mary: Partying?
Kate: Someone must've slipped something...
Mary: I thought you said you were taking real estate classes.
Kate: I was. No one wants to learn about zoning laws sober.

Victim: I'll give you anything.
Nocturna: I think you'll find that's to your great advantage. Babe.

Sophie: You're going to get my ass fired so...
Batwoman: So...
Sophie: So, next time I'll have to bring you in. Which means there can't be a next time.
Batwoman: Understood.

Batwoman: No sign of Nocturna. [loud noise] Scratch that, found her.
Nocturna: And I found you. Vampire, bat. Screams duo to me.
Batwoman: I work alone.

Batwoman Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Luke: Does this mean you're suiting up?
Kate: I've always wanted to slay a vampire.

If my twin picked my alien doppelganger's life over mine, I'd be on the verge of going nuclear. No offense.