Jacob: What's he wearing?
Kate: It's an old fashioned executioner's hood. Axe is a nice touch.

Kate: Any suspects?
Luke: Well, if you exclude the law-abiding citizens of Gotham, that leaves... the other half.

All this Bat Tech and you came up with frozen water.


Mary: I didn't do that.
Sophie: Well, you better undo it.
Mary: Batwoman would kill me. Frankly, she's scarier than you.

Real family doesn't abandon their own.


The Law's not perfect, I'll give you that. Doesn't mean you get to rewrite it in blood.


I don't know if forgiving my father will help me forgive myself but I have to try.


Mouse: Why are you so determined to protect her?
Alice: Because I'm saving her a seat at our tea party!

Okay, so who had 'Batwoman rescues a psychopath' on their bingo card? Because I have some big fat empty spaces for 'Batwoman takes down Alice' and 'Batwoman gets a cat out of a tree'. Talk to me, Gotham. Anyone else feeling a little BAT-trayed?

Vesper Fairchild