A wise woman once said,'Hurt me with the truth. Don't comfort me with a lie.' Yes, Bruce, I'm quoting Rhianna.


Kate: He's just dehydrated.
Luke: He's septic

You know the thing I love about bad guys is that despite ourselves, we are also tragically predictable.


Oh. Okay, so he actually just tried to kill me so... That's not me saying 'no,' it's just slightly more complicated.


This is grossly infected. You don't have any Neosporin in your Batbelt?


Magpie: Do we have to be on opposite sides? Birds of a feather should flock together.
Batwoman: I'm allergic to feathers.

Luke: Maybe you angled it wrong.
Kate: Maybe it's broken.
Luke: It's not broken.
Kate: If it worked, I would've caught it.
Luke: Did you try flipping your wrist back with a snap...
Kate: You're BAT-splaining.

Kate: She stole the necklace.
Luke: She took it by feathers and force.

Kate: How did Bruce make living a double life look so easy?
Luke: Oh, he didn't. He was miserable.
Kate: Bruce Wayne? Guy had three Ferraris and slept with half of Gotham.

Batwoman: I just got to the Old Gotham Hotel, the address linked to the P.O. box account. The guy at the facility gave it to me.
Luke: Do I want to know how you got him to tell you that?
Batwoman: Let him take a selfie.
Luke: Definitely not the answer I was expecting.
Batwoman: Let me guess. Batman never posed for selfies.
Luke: Wasn't going to say it.

Batwoman: Reagan's here.
Luke: Wait. You invited her to a take-down?
Batwoman: I invited her on a date that just happens to be at the take-down location.

YOU... have to stop doing that. Sudden adrenaline release can lead to cardiac arrest and I am way too busy to have a heart condition right now.