Mike: How does this hire work, exactly? Walk me through it.
Lydia: You will receive a paycheck from Madrigal in the amount of $10,000 per week. I believe, at that rate, your employment should be paid out in about 20 weeks. Mr, Fring has arranged to cover FICA, the social security, the entirety of the tax burden. I assume that's all right with you.

Fuck Eladio! Fuck Bolsa! And fuck you!

Hector [to Gus]

One million, one hundred sixty thousand dollars. Holy shit!


Chuck: Yes, I'm suing HHM for breach of contract.
Howard: Do you have any idea what you're doing?
Chuck: I believe I do. I'm calling your bluff. This is MY firm. I built it. Your father was working in a 2 room office when I joined him, and you, I tutored for the bar exam. You're not kicking me out. If you can't trust my judgement then, as you say, so be it. But you're going to have to pay me for my share. I believe it comes to around 8 million dollars. We both know the firm doesn't have the money.
Howard: You'd rather tear down HHM than retire?
Chuck: You think I'm trouble now, as your partner? Imagine me as your enemy.

Mike: You seem to be risking a lot for a drug dealer.
Lydia: Drug dealer? If that's all you think he is, then you don't know Gustavo Fring.

Please! All you care about is your part of the payout.

Howard [to Jimmy]

This condition, to me it's as real as that chair - it's as real as this house, as real as you. But what if it's not? What if it's all in my head? And if that's true, if it's not real, then what have I done?

Chuck [to Dr. Cruz]

Jimmy: Hey, you believe me, right?
Kim: Yes.

Howard: I'm busting my ass, trying to repair the reputation of the firm and after you and Jimmy dragged it through the mud.
Kim: I did everything in my power to defend my client.
Howard: Oh, is that what you're calling it?
Kim: That's the job, Howard. And, by the way, it was very convenient of you to ignore Chuck's illness when it suited you.
Howard: So I take you out of the mail room, send you to law school, mentor you, and you leave and stab me in the back, and that's MY fault? I'm not cashing this. Kim, your debt is forgiven, but anything else, that's on you.
Kim: All Jimmy and I did was show the situation for what it is, and if you are hiding that from your clients, then Howard, that's on you.

Marco: Your folks, they worked so hard.
Jimmy: Yeah, they worked hard: worked a lot of hours for a lot of years, for nothing.
Marco: I don't know Jimmy. A lot of customers, they liked him
Jimmy: Everybody liked him because he was a soft touch. Every deadbeat in the neighborhood owed him money. You come in here with a sob story and you leave with a pat on the back and a gallon of milk. He could have made it work, he could have sold beer and cigarettes to the kids from Mary Margaret's, but no. Not him. He was never gonna do what he had to do.

Gus: It would be unwise for us to be publicly associated, wouldn't you agree?
Mike: Because of the Salamancas?
Gus: If they were to take notice, there would be consequences for both of us.
Mike: I'm thinking a paper transaction.
Gus: Even so. Perhaps there is a way: one with a degree more difficulty, but one I may be able to arrange.
Mike: Would 20% overcome this difficulty?
Gus: I would not take money from your family [Gus and Mike shake hands].

Mike: Is this your idea of stealth?
Daniel: I never claimed to be good at this-any of it.
Mike: On that we can agree.

Better Call Saul Quotes

You know, Jimmy, sometimes in our line of work, you can get so caught up in the idea of winning that you forget to listen to your heart.


Lawyers, we're like health insurance. You hope you never need it, but man oh man, when you do...