Gambi: Our best option is to retreat.
Anissa: Oh baby, I'm not running away.

Gambi: Your mum, dad, and sister will die.
Jennifer: Okay, this is too much.

Jefferson: How do we stop them?
Gambi: We can't. These guys are every bit as good as Delta force or SEAL teams.

A vengeful son is a far cry from a hero seeking justice for Freeland.


Shall we begin?


I need you to find Black Lightning ... dead or alive.


You're going to have to fight me like a man.


Jefferson Pierce is one of the most distinguished members of this community.


Gambi: They'll throw him in a black site and confirm that he's Black Lightning.
Anissa: And then what?
Gambi: They'll kill him.

Homeless Man: Are you her sister?
Jill: No.
Homeless Man: You should take her home, she tried to jump in front of a train.

There are certain things no one can train you for. Everything you need is already inside you.


You're just like dad!


Black Lightning Season 1 Quotes

Lynn: You've been on the streets fighting The 100 for years. Let someone else do it. The girls need a father.
Jefferson: Baby, I promise. No more.

Black Lightning was the savior who kept our streets and our schools safe. He was hope personified. But he was also Jefferson Pierce, my father.