I don't care if it's protected by the Hulk, we're going to tear this place apart.


Beckett makes me laugh. She challenges me. I became a better man.

Beckett: I need a miracle, guys.
Ryan: Okay, you got it.
Esposito: One miracle coming up.

You can fire us both for insubordination if you want, but we got this.


Beckett: You shouldn't have told them.
Esposito: Yeah, you should have.

The Big Bad Wolf. The person behind Senator Bracken, Allison Hyde, the hit squads and every terrible thing that's happened to me and Beckett in the past nine months.


Oh my God, could my ex-wife be LokSat? Because in a lot of ways that could make a lot of sense.

Man, I hate walls of crazy.


Well I will be sure to cross reference Shaw's visitor against the list of fallen angels.


You know as well as I do that when the lights go out, bad things happen.


But it was a Hollywood promise; not worth a damn.

I don't think date night counts when it's a candlelit dinner with the Butcher of Guadalajara.

Castle Season 8 Quotes

Kate: I wish that you were coming with me.
Rick: What am I going to do, sit outside your office and fetch you coffee?
Kate: Yeah, you're great at fetching. I've trained you well.

Kate: Babe, did you set your hair on fire again?
Rick: No, that was just one time. It's just that I'm so good looking I'm literally smoking hot.