Scott: How’d you know I’d be here?
Brett: Well, when you weren’t at the apartment, I figured.
Scott: Julie should be here to see her. It’s not right.
Brett: No, it’s not. If you let someone else raise that baby, she might have a great childhood – I did – but you will always wonder what if. I know Julie did, and so will she.
Scott: I can’t give that child what she deserves.
Brett: She deserves a father that loves her, the kind that show up and pace outside her hospital bed, worrying over her, wanting what’s best for her, the kind who can teach her who her mother was. The answer to all those questions I’ll have my whole life. How did she laugh? What movies did she love? What made her happy? That’s what’ll keep Julie here with you, and with that little girl. You can’t let her go, Scott. She needs you.

Brett: Uh, what’s wrong?
Doctor: Our suspicion was right. It was a placental abruption. The baby’s oxygen was compromised so we performed a cesarean, but Julie developed preeclampsia, and… we did everything we could. She lost a lot of blood. I’m very sorry. She died on the table Sylvie.
Brett: Oh no.
Doctor: Julie is related to you how?
Brett: She’s my mother. Um, is the baby…
Doctor: The baby’s doing well. Would you like to see her?
Brett: Um, um…
Casey: Go, go.

Boden: You gave the mother of that boy a little bit of peace. Knowing his murder didn’t go unanswered.
Severide: I was just trying to help.
Boden: You did that and more.

Mouch: Don’t feel bad Casey.
Casey: I don’t really feel bad.
Mouch: Well, that’s my point. You shouldn’t. But you get recognition all the time -- accolades, promotions -- but grunts like me and Shimblecock, it is not that often people come seeking us out to show their gratitude.
Casey: I’m sure you’re right.

Brett: Um, look, I wanted to say… I mean I hope you won’t think I’m overstepping, but I would really like to be included in your family. I mean, even after Scott gets here and the baby comes.
Julie: Of course you’re included. That’s why I wanted all of us to go out and celebrate the move.
Brett: All of us?
Julie: Yeah, yeah. The reservation at Swift & Sons is Friday at 8. And I might fall asleep with my head on the table, but it was the earliest booking they had. I figured you and Scott can just ignore me.
Brett: That’s so sweet. I didn’t realize.
Julie: Sylvie, we’re moving to Chicago to be closer to you. You can knock on our door any time day or night, and I mean that. Preferably night, so you can help put the baby to sleep.

Foster: Tell me if I’m crazy, but it seemed like you got a little quiet when Julie left this morning.
Brett: Did I? I guess we’ve been having so much fun together. I’m just not sure what’s gonna happen once Scott gets here and the baby comes. I’m not sure how I fit in, you know?
Foster: Girl, please. I’ve seen you and Julie together. That bond’s not gonna break for anyone or anything. OK?

Casey: You good?
Severide: No such thing as “nice try” in firefighting.
Casey: We got one safe. Let’s focus on that.

Kidd: Hell yeah, it will be challenging, but you show up, you put in the blood, sweat, and tears, and this program could change your life.
Seager: We’ll have a lot of fun too.
Kidd: Hey you with the gum. You must have a lot of energy to snap gum through my whole presentation. This program could be a great way for you to channel that energy. All right, signs up are right here.
Seager: Thanks for listening. We know the school made you show up, but we really appreciate it. Fun starts next week.
Kidd: That’s the third time we’ve done this pitch, and there’s still no takers.
Seager: We might need another approach. One a little less intimidating.

Kidd: So the reason I reached out, I have a program I’m looking to start that’ll benefit young women and I need a female officer to co-sponsor. I’m calling it ‘Girls on Fire,’ and the idea is I reach out to public school girls and show them what a career in the fire service is all about. It’s hands on, direct, small groups…
Seager: Say no more.
Kidd: Oh.
Seager: I’m in.
Kidd: You are?
Seager: Are you kidding? My classmates at South Shore used to make fun of me when I said I wanted to be a firefighter.
Kidd: Yeah.
Seager: ‘You’re a girl. You can’t lift a bag of feathers. It’ll never work.’ I heard it all. So young women need to see real role models at CFD, know this is a career choice, not just a dream for boys.
Kidd: Exactly.
Seager: This program sounds badass. Whatever you need, sign me up.

Julie: And you should definitely say yes.
Brett: Well, I’m not really looking to date right now.
Julie: Ugh, I knew it. You’re hung up on Matt.
Brett: No. I, no, we’re friends. Just friends, trust me. He was married to my best friend. It’s a whole thing.
Julie: OK.
Brett: Julie.
Julie: OK, I will leave it at that.

Casey: You mean to tell me you called to have a child taken away from his mother because of some tree roots?
Neighbor: That woman almost got her son killed.
Casey: Do you know what it’s like to have a son taken away? ‘Cuz I do, and what you’re doing is reprehensible.

Casey: This woman came here to check some boxes. Didn’t matter what I said.
Boden: You’re right. I didn’t like her attitude.
Casey: She wanted a few choice quotes so she could take a boy away from his disabled mother. Doesn’t sit right with me, chief. Doesn’t sit right with me at all.

Chicago Fire Quotes

Casey: It's okay she's fun.
Dawson: She's better when she's drunk.

Hermann: Wow, aren't you full of mysteries.
Clark: Yup.