Casey: You think I handled it the right way?
Severide: A save like that I might have let it slide, but it’s your call. I wouldn’t second guess yourself as long as your frustration is with Gallo and not something unrelated. You seem a little off lately. Anything going on?
Casey: Nah, all good. How about you? Any particular reason Kidd is staying away from the apartment?
Severide: Nothing that won’t work itself out. It’s all good.

Casey: I gave you an order on that call, did I not?
Gallo: You mean about the shutoff. Yes, you told me to take care of it, but I spotted the victim and shutoff wasn’t going to help her. She was already covered in gas.
Casey: The order I’m referring to is when I said no one moves in until I say so.
Gallo: She’d be dead if I didn’t move in right then and there.
Casey: You’re lucky you’re not dead too. Diving in headfirst wasn’t your only option. Forget how to use a radio? Report your situation, call for backup.
Gallo: With all due respect, captain, you know I was quick to act when you hired me. That’s why you hired me, and I think I deserve the benefit of the doubt here. I was operating with information you wouldn’t have.
Casey: Go home.
Gallo: What?
Casey: Pack up and go home.
Gallo: Captain…
Casey: I can’t be your babysitter, Gallo. Come back when you’ve got your head on straight.

Mouch: I know what you’re talking about. I don’t care who sees it anymore.
Herrmann [to Mouch]: Ah, you got Trudy’s name tattooed on there. Huh?
Mouch: I lost a bet, OK. You do not back out on a bet with Trudy Platt. I was trying to keep it in the marital vault, but I guess someone here has prying eyes.
Herrmann: No one ever saw that, Mouch.
Cruz: That’s a secret I did not want to know.
Gallo: She showed up at my place. I didn’t ask her to come over. It just happened, OK.
Cruz: I’m going to kill those two.

Herrmann: Cruz, do you remember what you said to Mouch and me on your first day that you showed up at 51?
Cruz: No.
Herrmann: You said, ‘Hey, my name is Joe Cruz. You don’t know me, but you can count on me.’
Cruz: Yeah, I vaguely remember that.
Herrmann: Truer words never spoken.

Holly: We’re never making it out of here. We’re not. We’re gonna fall or suffocate.
Herrmann: Holly, let’s talk about something different, OK. You never answered my question about kids. You got any?
Holly: No, what kind of world is this to bring a kid into? No offense.
Herrmann: No, that’s just crazy.
Holly: No, I’m serious. Look around, everything’s fall apart. The runways in Arizona are so hot they can’t even land planes on them. Disease wiped out a gazillion people over the last 12 months. Not to mention half the country hates the other half.
Herrmann: Hey, take it easy.
Holly: After what my sister went through, horrible miscarriage, lost the baby with no warning and almost died. Blew her marriage to smithereens.
Herrmann: Well, uh, when Cindy was pregnant the first time, Chicago had one of those winters that made people want to move to Florida. And uh, she was about six months along, that time when you could feel the baby kick. I remember her pushing my hand on her stomach and that ‘thump, thump.’ And me, supposed to be this tough guy firefighter, me getting tears in my eyes every time. But um, she got the gumption one night to go to her parents for a Sunday night dinner, and there was this big patch of ice on the sidewalk. She just goes down in a heap, right on her belly.
Cruz: Herrmann, I didn’t know, man.
Herrmann: We went to the ER, and I’m all in a sweat, and she just keeps saying, ‘I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m fine.’ And you know what, she was right. And that is the story of my first born, Lee Henry. He’s 21 years old, and he drives me crazy half the time, but he’s a great kid. Joe, you have seen enough of this world to know sucker punches can come from every which way, but there is more good than bad out there. I promise you that.

Cruz: What if she’s right, Herrmann? What if this world is too tragic to bring a child into it?
Herrmann: No, no, she’s not right.
Cruz: I always wanted a kid, but when Chloe told me, I just felt panic. So much has changed – the pandemic, politics, the whole country is fighting with each other.
Herrmann: Enough, all right. Joe, you listen to me and you listen to me good, this country is not just what’s out there on the news, it starts in a home, in a family. The country your child is going to see, the one that’s going to make them who they are, that is the country of Joe and Chloe Cruz. You two, you got such an energy about the both of you. You make all the people around you light up. You both came from pretty different world, and you made a beautiful happy home, and that is the country that your baby is going to wake up to every day. If you have a solid family, it balances out all the bad out there.

Trevor: You sure know a lot about elevators.
Cruz: I know some. I learned from an expert, my buddy Otis.
Holly: I wish he was here.
Cruz: Yeah, me too.

Holly: This is, I can’t believe it. I shouldn’t even be here.
Herrmann: We’re gonna get you out of here, ma’am. Just breathe easy.
Holly: No, I just mean this job, this year, everything.

Herrmann: Look, um, I spilt my guts enough already today, so I’m not gonna go all Mr. Softie on you again, but um, I’m really glad you were with me in that elevator cart today. I’m not sure if anybody would have made it out otherwise.
Cruz: It felt like someone else was up there too: Otis.
Herrmann: You’re right about that.

Holly: Are we gonna die?
Herrmann: No, ma’am, we are not gonna die.
Holly: But you can’t be sure.
Herrmann: I’m sure I’m sure, OK. Did you forget about my fortune cookie, OK. Today is my lucky day. You never know when it’s going to come into play.
Trevor: What’s it waiting for?
Herrmann: Uh, the right opportunity. We just haven’t needed it yet. You’ll see.

What’d I tell you guys? We’d have luck when we needed it.


Ritter: Yo, why you in such a good mood, lieutenant?
Herrmann: I tell you. We have Chinese food last night, and you know what my fortune cookie said?
Ritter: Nah.
Herrmann: Tomorrow is your lucky day, and look at this, we catch a fire before breakfast.

Chicago Fire Quotes

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I just want you to know, like it or not, you're loved and you're not alone.

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