Severide: You headed somewhere?
Dylan: Anywhere but here.
Severide: You gonna walk out on your parents like this? With your mom in the hospital?
Dylan: You don’t understand. I heard them talking. They try to keep their voices down, but I sat on the stairs and heard them. All the money went to medicine for me. They have nothing for themselves. They’re better off without me.
Severide: That where you hid your stuff?
Dylan: It was here before I moved in.
Severide: I made it. Used to steal cigars from my dad and hide it in there.
Dylan: There was a note in here when we first moved in. I don’t remember what it said.
Severide: I’m here anytime you need me. It was written by a girl who used to live up the street. I was going through some rough times back then, same age as you. You know what I learned? You gotta lean on the people who love you. I met your dad, and he loves you kid. It’s all over his face, and your mom, she’s gonna need you, now more than ever.
Dylan: I’ve caused enough problems.
Severide: The girl, the one who wrote that note, she saved me back then, and she’s still helping people, and she’s really good at it, and I think she can help you too.
Dylan: How?
Severide: Come on, let’s go see your old man. Let him know you’re OK. I’ll tell you about it on the way.

Cruz: I call it lady bunker gear.
Capp: Nice.
Mackey: Um.
Kidd: Uh.
Cruz: What?
Kidd: These designs… did you make them?
Cruz: Uh yeah, they’re just mock ups.
Kidd: OK.
Mackey: You’re gonna need a woman’s input before these… go to the market.
Kidd: Bingo. OK, we’re gonna do a pass, and uh, we are gonna need some profit participation.
Mackey: Yes, definitely.
Cruz: Yeah, OK, that sounds good.

Brett: What is wrong with you?
Casey: What?
Brett: I heard the way you were talking to Granger before that last call.
Casey: Then you heard him out of line.
Brett: No, Matt, he wasn’t. You were. You’ve been riding him for two straight shifts.
Casey: I have not.
Brett: You have. What you’re not getting Matt is this doesn’t have anything to do with Greg Granger. It doesn’t even have to do with me. It has to do with the fact that you’re still in love with Dawson. I called you out, and you haven’t done anything about it. Maybe you should reach out and resolve that, so you can go back to being the Matt Casey that everyone looks up to around here and not this.

Granger: I’m a good officer. I care about this job. I just hope that me being at 51 isn’t a problem for you because of whatever you had going on with Sylvie.
Casey: You’re way out of line, lieutenant.
Granger: And you’re unprofessional, captain.

No one considers a woman’s body, do they? This is a job designed by men for men, and the equipment is no different, and so what, I got these girls looking up to me every week at Girls on Fire, and I gotta explain to them that the gear is designed for men only? How is that supposed to inspire them?


Severide: It was so strange being in there. I guess most of the time I was busy sneaking out of that place.
April: Yeah or sneaking me in. I will never forget 2 in the morning. You thought you locked the door.
Severide: I did. Benny rigged the bolt so it wouldn’t latch.
April: I have never been out of a window so fast in my life.
Severide: I remember.
April: Your mom soured on me after that.
Severide: Ah, she was just going through it then.
April: Yeah.
Severide: You were there for me when I was at my lowest, you know that?
April: That year made me realize I should do this for a living ‘cause if I could help Kelly Severide, I could help anybody.

Brett: You don’t have to try so hard with Casey. He’ll come around.
Granger: You two had something, didn’t you?
Brett: Uh, I don’t know. It’s a long story. It was somewhere between something and nothing, but it never got any further than…
Granger: You don’t have to confess anything to me. I can tell there’s more going on.
Brett: Do you want to get out of here?

Brett: How are you liking the rest of 51?
Granger: The guys, engine crew are total pros. Your chief, he seems like a straight shooter.
Brett: Yeah, Boden’s the best.
Granger: Your captain, if I’m being honest, is wound a little tight.
Brett: What, Casey? No, actually, he’s a great officer, even greater guy. Just ask around. Everyone here loves him.

Gallo: Arms tired. Hands full. Still need to chop down that door.
Ritter: Then it’s time for the kick axe.
Cruz: That’s one hell of a name as long as it’s not an axe strapped to your boots.
Gallo: We’re gonna keep noodling on this.

Herrmann: Is engine all right?
Kidd: As far as I know.
Herrmann: OK, well if you can hand me off to Ritter. I want to look in the compartments.
Kidd: You are on vacation.
Herrmann: I didn’t get a chance to go over everything before you guys barreled out of there.
Kidd: OK, you’re gonna have to call Ritter back. He’s got some Shark Tank action going on right now.
Herrmann: What, Shark Tank? You better get me in the room.

Kidd: Was that crazy? Working a call in your childhood home?
Severide: Rooms seem smaller.
Kidd: It’s a good thing you knew where that kid might go.
Severide: It was my escape route – back bedroom, out the window, down the spout. You know April over at Med? She used to live up the street. She’d let me crash over at her place when I didn’t want to be home.
Kidd: This is in Benny’s heyday.
Severide: Yeah, and my mom, she was falling apart. Anyway, long time ago.

Granger: Hey, I just wanted to let you know I didn’t mean to step on your authority at the fire scene. 40 doesn’t have a captain. Makes me the one barking out orders until the chief gets there. I guess I just did it without thinking.
Casey: You’re only here a couple of shifts. Defer to me on calls, and we won’t have any more problems.

Chicago Fire Quotes

Boden: He seems like he’s got a lot of heart though.
Severide: He does, but he’s not a firefighter.
Boden: No, he’s a recruit. It’s your job to turn him into a firefighter. That’s why it’s called training.
Severide: I can teach him how to kick in a door or how to use a thermal camera. I can’t teach him firefighter instincts. I can’t teach him common sense. I know you and Chief Mercer go way back, but I…
Boden: Severide, you’re the instructor. You’re the only one qualified to assess Jacob Mercer’s performance.

You think I cant look after my daughter?