Severide: You okay?
Dawson: Yeah, fine. I'm a people person.

I'm a firefighter. I help people every day. Some make it, some don't.


Severide: Be careful. Someone might hand you a halligan if the bells go off.
Clarke: I'd love that actually.

Capp: You should get that looked at.
Severide: You should worry about yourself.

I was there. You were unstoppable. You didn't quit until that kid was breathing. Anything that happened after that has nothing to do with our rescue.


If that's a fight, he'll be fine.


It's not my problem? I'm the one who had to get between you and his knife.


Chicago Fire Quotes

Just tell me honestly that you don't have feelings for Casey.


I just want you to know, like it or not, you're loved and you're not alone.

Kelly [to Anna]