Ron: It's not the most romantic setting, but we decided we're going to spend whatever time we have left with each other.
Tim: When you love each other, you take whatever time you can get.

Here's an observation. It's often the people who are the very best at what they do who feel the most inadequate.


Ron: This is a questionong? I didn't think I'd be asking this morning, but how long do I have?
Ron's husband: No.
Ron: I need to know. How long?
Nat: We can't really know for sure.
Marcel: Maybe a year.

April: You know what we did was wrong.
Will: But we did it for the right reasons. It all worked out.
April: It did all work out, behind Dr. Veroni's back. You ever gonna tell her?

April: Is this what this is about? Protecting the trial?
Will: I'm protecting our patients. Look how well Mr. Booker is doing.

Charles: Most of your dad's delusions have been centered around this guy Mason. Do you know who that is and why he might be afraid of him?
Cohen's daughter: Mason? Yes, he was the head of the department before my dad. But Dr. Mason had an aneurysm a year ago. He's dead.

Ethan: I had gallbladder surgery.
Charles: How long ago?
Ethan: This morning.
Charles: Why aren't you still in recovery?
Ethan: I checked myself out. I thought I could handle it.

Sharon: This last year has been really tough on him. Getting furloughed, having to move back home, just when his life was moving forward.
Maggie: It's been like that for a lot of people.
Sharon: I know, but of all my children, Michael is the one who took the longest to find himself.

Doris: Dr. Choi, here's the requisitions. [After Choi seems short of breath] You okay?
Choi: Yeah. Pulled a muscle exercising.
Doris: That's why I don't exercise.

Maggie: I'm gonna leave you two.
Ben: Go change some lives.

Man: Why is she like this? Is it the pills you gave her?
Will: I don't know, but I'm going to find out.

Doris: Have you seen Ethan?
April: He's going to be late. He said he had a personal matter to attend to.
Doris: You're joking, right?
April: No.
Doris: I mean, he's here 24/7. He doesn't have a life, so how can he have a personal matter to attend to?

Chicago Med Quotes

Well, I'm amazed Dr. Choi is actually right. It's a classic case of trigeminal neuralgia.


What's the difference between God and a doctor? God knows he's not a doctor.

Dr. Zurney