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Yeah, but you learn how to be that way. To shut people out. To be invisible. You learn it. Becca’s only 12-years-old. Maybe she hasn’t learned how to do that just yet?


Upton: So every monster I see is my dad?
Voight: Are they?
Upton: Every hurt little kid is me? Am I unfit to be a cop?
Voight: If you’re unfit, I’m unfit.

Voight: So we’re not longer listening to direct orders?
Hailey: Becca could’ve been in that shed.
Voight: You didn’t have an arrest warrant in hand. You didn’t even have a search warrant!

Atwater: Well, con is short for confidence.
Voight: This time it’s short for stupid.

Let’s run a full forensics search. Find out who this family really is. What the hell happened in this house.


Hailey: Sarge, it can work. And we’ve crossed worse lines before.
Voight: Did you not hear me say no?

Maybe there’s some part of me that when I hear I love you, I’m always waiting for the punch. For the I’m sorry that’s going to come.


Ruzek: Kim, one of the many reasons that I fell in love with you is that I felt like you believed in me. Like you believed in my in a way that nobody in my entire life has.
Burgess: I did.
Ruzek: Even me.
Burgess: I do.
Ruzek: I'm not so sure.
Burgess: You have to see how what I said made sense in the moment. You have to see that.
Ruzek: I don't. After everything that you and I have been through, there just should have been something that held you back from the edge of assumption. Some sort of guardrail that kept you from going over that ledge. I mean, if this situation is reversed -- I'm you; you're me -- and I run up on you, you're standing over Barela holding a gun. If I got close to the ledge, fine, I wouldn't go over. Not ever. Cause I know your heart. And I know that there's not a world in which you'd kill a man in cold blood, that you'd shoot him in the back as he's running away. For what -- revenge? For your family name? Come on. That's what you meant when you said, "what did you do." In that moment, I'd have thought you'd know my heart. You're supposed to know.
Burgess: I do know your heart. I do. And I'm sorry.
Ruzek: Thanks for stopping by.

Ruzek: The name Ruzek's going to stain this department, and I gotta lug that around long after my dad is gone.
Voight: All the people that matter, they know who you are.

Voight: We're talking about trading one life for another.
Ruzek: But one life is Merlin, who's a gang member. He's a rat. Boss, you don't get to the position that Merlin's in by living some clean life.
Voight: Adam. You don't get to the position your father's in by leading a clean life. Do you?
Ruzek: No, sir. But he's my father. I would make the same trade for you every time.

Ruzek: What are you following me?
Burgess: Yes. Yes. Look, you were clearly lying to Voight when you saw that text at your dad's house. I wanted to make sure you weren't doing something extracurricular, just plain ol' stupid. Were you?

Pop's, I hope you're decent. Coming in with a girl!

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Upton: We have a warrant to search the premises. 
Owner: Search for what?
Upton: Weapons of mass destruction. 
Owner: What?
Upton: Just kidding. Drugs and guns. We're gonna go in.