And by this time tomorrow, your worst enemy will be the Mayor of Chicago.


Halstead: Besides, I'm going where you go.
Upton: Yeah?
Halstead: Yeah. It's hard to find a good partner.

Ruzek: What do we do now?
Antonio: We fight back.

Hank: I'm worried about you, Kate.
Kate: Don't worry about me, worry about yourself. Kelton is coming for you.

Would you save your soul if it meant hurting the people you love?


Kate: You are making a mistake. You come after Kelton like this somebody is gonna get hurt, and it won't be Kelton. He'll win. He always wins.
Hank: Kate, why are you protecting him?
Kate: Brian Kelton is going to be Mayor of Chicago in one week. That is a fact. You have to come to peace with that.
Hank: If Kelton gets elected, his first order of business will be to disband Intelligence. That is not peace, that is war.

Hank: The same serial killer was active a few years ago. And that email from Det. Leo Hernandez proves that the CPD knew about it and covered it up under orders of Brian Kelton.
Katherine Bradley: As in the next Mayor of Chicago, Brian Kelton?
Hank: Four women were killed after that email was sent. They'd still be alive today. Those bodies are on Kelton.

Antonio: Hank, enough's enough. This thing is on me.
Hank: Antonio...
Antonio: I'm the one that needs to tell the truth.
Ruzek: You know you can't do that, Antonio.
Antonio: I'm the one who killed a guy.
Ruzek: Yeah, I know, we're the ones who covered it up for you.

Platt: Look, if Adam's the one, then make it work. But that probably means that one of you has to get out of Intelligence. It's a very tiny needle you're trying to thread here.
Upton: Yeah, I know. And if neither one of us are willing to make that kind of sacrifice?
Platt: Then what you have isn't worth compromising your career for.

Antonio: I ran the identifier on those pills you caught her with. They're not opioids.
Upton: What are they?
Antonio: It's a drug called Lumacin. Treats a rare liver disease.
Upton: Can you get high taking 'em?
Antonio: No.
Upton: Why would someone steal them?
Antonio: Costs about 40 grand a month.
Upton: 40 grand?!
Antonio: Yeah.
Upton: So, what are you saying? Gina's sick?
Antonio: Gina's dying.

Antonio: If you got a problem with me around opioids just say it.
Voight: I just did.

Blair wanted to stay in Chicago, but I was going to tell him to leave, that I didn’t see us together long term. I should have told him to stay. Yeah, I should have told him I was falling in love with him. He was a good person. He was an honest person.


Chicago PD Season 6 Quotes

Wait, so is this business or is this some sicko serial killer out here just trying to kill people with dope instead of bullets?


You are benched until further notice.