Ruzek: I screwed up. Hesitated. I just had all these voices in my head, you know rules, not right or wrong, the perception of right or wrong, and all that crap and I don't have my piece. Carrying a rifle that's used to murder four people. This guy's not pointing the gun at me, he's pointing a gun at Tommy. And so what the hell do I know? What do I know? Can't trust my instincts anymore. And I think I had a lawful shoot out there.
Voight: You did.
Ruzek: I know. I know. Yet I hesitated and I... didn't pull the trigger until after he shot my friend.
Voight: Look, Adam. I mean, we're running point on a whole new thing here. You're taking all these new rules they're writing in here, and we're bringing it to the chaos out there. It's not gonna be easy. Not when you got, what, half a second to decide whether to take one guy's life in order to save another? Tell you one thing, right, I mean, right is still right, Adam. I think we're all gonna be groping around in the dark for awhile.
Ruzek: Yeah.
Voight: At least we'll be doing it together, man.

Voight: I know you didn't do anything wrong. That's just not the math anymore, you understand? Bro, in this new world order, what matters is that some jerk is shopping around the perception that you did something wrong. That alone is enough to ruin your career, you understand?
Ruzek: Yeah.

Voight: Turns out the owner of that store's got a camera in the alley. Says he's got you on film. "Police brutality" are the words being tossed around.
Ruzek: You got to be kidding me. I pinned the guy's carotid. I'd do the exact same thing next time. Boss, I know the new rules. I know the limitations when we're out there. But if I say that my life was in danger, which it was, I mean, we're good.

There's a chance I get better. And however that turns out, you'll still be an unattractive, Irish prick from Canaryville.


Ruzek: Boss. Look, I know Tommy's a mess. He's a liar, he's a cheat, he's a junkie.
Voight: That's a hell of a sales pitch.
Ruzek: He's also the best CI I ever had and I think we can work through this. At this point, I don't know if we got a lot of choice in the matter.

Grieving father: I know what you're thinking. My son wasn't in any gang. He was a good kid.
Halstead: Okay. Is that what the police think too?
Grieving father: The police? The police don't think anything. They never did a damn thing about it.
Halstead: Okay, I doubt that. Come on.
Grieving father: No, no, no. Don't tell me. Black kid lying in the street, step over him, move on. All the same to them.

Halstead: Latrell shouldn't even be in this position. If homicide did their job, if they found the killer...
Voight: This isn't a perfect system, Jay.
Halstead: I know it's not. But Latrell is a good guy. He loved his kid. More than anything. He just couldn't let it go. He couldn't find closure. So, he just went and did what he thought he had to do. Which is something that I might do, something that I'm thinking you might do too.
Voight: Jay, you're the only one who saw that estimate on the dash so... it'll be your call.
Halstead: What would you do?
Voight: Doesn't matter what I'd do. We're different people, Jay. You gotta do what makes sense for you. But whatever that choice is, just make sure it's something you can live with for the rest of your life.

Latrell, you are not a cop. You don't get to go undercover.


Ruzek: You know you can't replace what we lost.
Burgess: I'm not trying to. I feel something for this kid, I do. I feel close to her.
Ruzek: I understand. But just yesterday we're talking about trauma and you told me how that's not real, right?

You're a good kid who was dealt a bad hand...and you played it wrong. Miguel, you're still young. This is still your life.


Burgess: So is this part of our relationship now? We're accepting that every six months or so, we sleep together?
Ruzek: It'd be real alright with me. Or we could try the version where we sleep together on the regular.
Burgess: What version is that?
Ruzek: That would be called dating. We already act like a couple. Is it so crazy that we try again?
Burgess: Yup.
Ruzek: Why?
Burgess: Because, uh, I think I know what I want now.
Ruzek: Fine.
Burgess: I want all of it, Adam. I want the proposal. I want getting married in some bad banquet hall, I want to have babies, I want the job, I want the mess. I want the whole thing.
Ruzek: Kay.
Burgess: Still want to talk to me about dating?
Ruzek: Yes.

Burgess: Don't we know better than this?
Ruzek: Do we?
Burgess: If not, we might be insane.

Chicago PD Season 8 Quotes

Voight: Atwater did what he thought was right.
Kenny: No. He crossed the line. Blue wall is there to keep us together. It keeps us safe. It's a bible, our Ten Commandments. You of all people know that, Hank. If someone chooses to violate that code, he's gotta pay the price. Way it's always been. Way it always will be.

Woman: So, I've been reviewing evidence in the Doyle homicide case and I just wanted to touch base with you one more time.
Atwater: I'm not sure what you're asking.
Woman: I'm asking if there's anything you would like to add or modify.
Atwater: No. I stand by my original statement.