Desna: You gotta chill. Sit your black ass down somewhere.
Jenn: I love it when you call me black.
Desna: I know.

Brianna: Why don't you act like a grownup and say you're sorry?
Bryce: Shut up and eat your pizza.

Gregory: America is built and rebuilt by ambitious immigrant entrepreneurship.
Zlata: Holla that.

Olga: How sweet ... for a woman your age to find someone to love.
Desna: Yeah, because a relationship without love, that's hard. Right, girlfriend?

Zlata: So only associated remain, one of whom is big, apple-headed dipshit who thinks he can piss in my swimming pool whenever he wants to.
Uncle Daddy: Who, me?

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Claws Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Roller: You just got that crazy look in your eye.
Desna: I just had a weird dream.
Roller: Was it wet?
Desna: Bye, Roller.

Desna: What you doin' over here?
Roller: Got to get some shit for Bryce. He ain't showing his face after his sexcapades.
Desna: He shouldn't with his nasty ass. How do you sit up there and get a BJ from his mother-in-law?
Roller: Shit! We white and dirty, baby.