Katie: Come with us.
Broussard: The occupation is going to be tearing apart the bloc looking for me. I don't want to disappoint them.

Katie: What is that?
Will: I think it's a numbers station.

You go with us, you live to fight another day. You stay here with the gauntlet, you die.


Will: You all know who we are. You know how desperate we must be to try this. They didn't tell you what's happening, did they? Why they doubled up the shifts this morning. Or told you to seal the gateway and keep it that way no matter what.
Red Hat: The Bloc's being evaced.
Will: That's their cover story. It's total rendition. The Raps are gonna send the whole Bloc to The Factory. Me, my wife, my kids, you and all your families.
Red Hat: Bullshit.
Snyder: It's true. Everyone on the exemption list has already been taken out of the Bloc.

Snyder: There are moderate aliens?
Helena: Yes, and they are overruled. And in light of Alcala's regime, I can't say that I disagree with them.

Helena: I got the call last night. You were in such a good mood, that I didn't want to ruin it.
Snyder: By giving me a heads up that the world was going to end.

Snyder: Is the gauntlet here?
Will: Of course not.
Snyder: Good. I want to come with you.
Will: Why?
Snyder: Because our hosts have decided that Los Angeles is no longer in their future plans. Total rendition is coming.
Broussard: What the hell is total rendition?
Snyder: Our glorious hosts come into the bloc, round up every human they can find and take them to the factory, just like that.
Will: Why? Why are they doing this?
Snyder: To put it bluntly, because of him [points to Broussard].

Morgan: Thank God you're alive.
Broussard: I shouldn't be.
Katie: What happened?
Broussard: I got the Hands to chase me to the roof. Then the pinned me down. I dropped the tracking device. The drones showed up and opened fire. Shredded everything.
Will: Except you.
Broussard: Yeah. One of them came down, closer than you are right now, just stared at me. And then it just flew away.
Will: That happened to me, coming back to Santa Monica.
Katie: Maybe it has something to do with that file you found in the Black Jack's car. Maybe you're both on some kind of special list?

Katie: I need to know something. The Greatest Day. All the promises they made. Is it real?
Snyder: No.
Katie: And my son? Is there really a camp?
Snyder: It's real. And at least he'll be trained for what's coming. I'm sorry you picked the wrong guy.

Broussard: That woman is a plague. She'll burn this bloc down without a second thought.
Katie: She lost a child.
Broussard: Exactly. Which is why she'll keep provoking the occupation until they go nuclear, which is probably what she wants.
Katie: So what do we do?
Broussard: Take back the gauntlet. And wipe them all out.

Will: These are bad odds. Are we really gonna risk our lives for that thing?
Noah: That "thing" is a gamechanger.
Will: OK. Why?!
Noah: We have a Rap.
Katie: What?!
Noah: One of them defected and doesn't believe in what the rest of them are doing. Our Rap just needs the gauntlet to tap into their communication. It's the only thing we're missing.

I'm not a man who generally looks a gift horse in the mouth, but why would Broussard attack the Red Hand? What did he want?


Colony Season 2 Quotes

Devon: What kind of engineer needs a panic room?
Will: Good question.

Suit: Alan, even great men make two or three critical mistakes in their lives.
Alan: You don't get where I am by making two or three mistakes.