In troubled times you can always turn to family. That's what The Greatest Day is all about. Family.


Will: They're coming for me.
Katie: Get out of there.
Will: It's too late. Get the kids and get underground because if they're coming for me, they're coming for all of us. I love you.

I'm here because the real war is about to begin, and that thing you stole is gonna help us win it.


Your relentless focus on the negative isn't productive.


Broussard: Will's blown.
Katie: What?
Broussard: He just walked right past here and into a coffee shop.

Burke: Bowman is working for the resistance.
Dan: I can't help but wonder whether your opinion in this matter is influenced by personal animosity.

Let's talk about you, Bob. Any family, friends? Or do you just power down a closet after work every night?


Karen: I know I'm going to go to the factor just for being Frankie's mother because that what you people do.
Will: Not all of us.

I'm sorry. Was I, in my state of utter distress, babbling in tongues? YOUR FRIENDS ARE ALREADY DEAD! This is damage control. Either some of us die, or all of us do. You get the honor of deciding which one of us it's going to be.


Snyder: I'm not playing a game, Bram. My life is at stake. Lots of lives are at stake, so I need the truth. All of it!
Bram: No, no, no don't! He didn't do anything! I swear to God he didn't do anything. No, don't!
Snyder: Was anything else involved?
Bram: No.
Snyder: You were just lying to me. Why should I believe you now?
Bram [sobbing]: I want to go home.
Snyder: You're a loose end. WAS ANYONE ELSE INVOLVED???
Bram: NO!

He didn't give me up in the first interview. They're going to torture him.


Broussard: Not many people could have done that. I owe you.
Morgan: I wanna learn.

Colony Season 2 Quotes

Devon: What kind of engineer needs a panic room?
Will: Good question.

Suit: Alan, even great men make two or three critical mistakes in their lives.
Alan: You don't get where I am by making two or three mistakes.