Bram: You killed everyone.
Snyder: Yeah.
Bram: You work for them.
Snyder: So does your father So does everyone who's holding out hope that someday things will be different. You survived. Don't forget why. [walks to the car] Give my best to your dad.

He didn't reach the target, but it's done.

Freedom Bitch

Will: Working with the resistance is suicide.
Katie: And doing nothing is dangerous, too.

Will: How long do we have until the bloc's empty?
Katie: Two years, three months and nine days.

The other information on that flash drive? It matched something else we've been working on. This isn't a colony. It's a death camp.


Burke: The suspect is dead because he broke protocol and now we have no one else to question.
Will: Yeah, because you shot them all.

Bram: If I tell you what they're doing and you catch them, will you send me home?
Snyder: I promise I'll do everything I can.

Snyder: What is it?
Nolan: You know they say faith requires having belief without proof? This is proof.

Bram: What am I supposed to do with this?
Maddie: I figured the food wasn't so good. I thought this could help.
Bram: You want to help? Then get me out of here!

Charlie: Did you pick this house because of the oranges?
Will: That's one of the reasons.
Charlie: How'd you get this house?
Will: The people who lived here were on vacation when the arrival happened. We're safe here.
Charlie: No we're not.

Jennifer: Will Bowman.
Dan: What about him?
Jennifer: He's back...

Katie: She's the only reason I'm here. Maybe we trust her.
Will: No. We can't. Jennifer's got a good heart, but she's weak. It won't take that much to break her. She doesn't have the experience or training for this kind of thing.
Katie: If she sells us out, we all go to the factory. Gracie, Charlie...
Will: I worked her before, I can work her again. As long as she thinks we're friends, I can keep her from saying anything. I can handle her.

Colony Season 2 Quotes

Devon: What kind of engineer needs a panic room?
Will: Good question.

Suit: Alan, even great men make two or three critical mistakes in their lives.
Alan: You don't get where I am by making two or three mistakes.