I was trying to hide from that one, but he found me.


My life is Groundhog Day.


Already praying for death.


You can't pause people.


Mopey leads right to gropey, fix it or bleed.


I can't believe we're in Napa. I think we're meeting God.


Hey Dime Eyes, thanks for letting us elope with you.


[Title Card]: Hopefully this is only the Season finale.

Good God, I'm a stalker.


Grayson: There is no such thing as a happy stroke.
Jules: Then what did Kurt Douglas have?
Grayson: A stroke.

Grayson: It's actually illegal for me to sell after I close.
Ellie: That's why I'm not paying for it.

[Title Card]: I didn't know it was back on either. - Abed

Cougar Town Season 3 Quotes

Jules: All I want to do is make you happy.
Grayson: Really? Maybe tonight we'll..
Jules: ... it's not about sex, babe. But I want you to try to keep listening.
Grayson: I'll try my best.

[Title Card]: Yeah, it's still called Cougar Town we're not happy about it either.