Lewis: So, you expecting the Queen?
Garcia: Always.

Prentiss: How many parties have you thrown?
Rossi: Not near enough.

I've been in hospitals more times than I care to admit. Sometimes I think there's got to be a better way, a better place.

Garcia [to Diana]

Rossi: I'm the luckiest guy in the world.
Krystall: Damn straight you are.

Maeve: Want to know my deepest, darkest secret?
Reid: Mmm hmm.
Meave: I love '90s rom-drams and rom-coms, the cheesier the better.

Simmons: Vision boarding go well?
Garcia: You wouldn't believe how many stickers we used.

It tastes like you scraped the forest floor and juiced it. And even that's too generous.

Lewis [to Garcia]

Krystall: It's going to be the best, fastest sendoff you've ever seen.
Rossi: Why fastest?
Krystall: Because I don't want you to change your mind.

You have a peace about you.

Krystall [to Rossi]

Six agents blown to pieces. Damn. You're going to need a bigger boat.

Foyet [to Reid]

This is a journey. ... What you see is up to you.

Strauss [to Reid]

That is what they call overkill.


Criminal Minds Season 15 Quotes

Reid: Is it all right if I wait with you?
Will: Of course. She's going to want to see you too when she wakes up.

Prentiss: I should have trusted your instincts.
Rossi: Hey, I've been in your shoes. I wouldn't have trusted me either.