Colette: There are feelings that last. And then there are feelings that just rip through you. Matt and I, we've always been connected. I was spinning when I met him. He grounded me. And now we have Madison and she needs us. But then, we moved here and it was so hard and then there was Will. And my heart caught in my throat. It was like a movie. You know all those things that they say that you'll feel. I thought that was what I needed.
Addy: Needed. But you don't anymore.

Beth: Nothing's ever how you think it's going to be, is it?
Addy: No, I guess not. But maybe it's better, just in a different way.

If you're not nervous, you don't care enough.

Colette [to Addy]

Beth: You think you are so special, don't you? The perfect princess. Apple of his eye. Cream of his motherfucking crop. It goes away. It all goes away. One second you are at the top and the next you are face down on that mat.
Tacy: Well, you should know that feeling pretty well. The queen bee. Face down. Abandoned. Left for dead. Now that Addy's found a new king bitch to overthrow her queen.

You know what they say about your first time. You never get it back and it stays with you forever.

Colette [to Addy]

You're ready. You'll kill em.

Matt [to Colette]

J.J.: Ah, non-smoking by the way. Hope that's alright with you.
Colette: Oh, that's fine. I don't smoke. It's an ugly habit.
J.J.: I know lots of non-smokers, who somehow find their way to a cigarette when they're under pressure.
Colette: Oh, well, this isn't pressure. It's winning.

Tacy: Hey, no one's gonna notice you at Regionals, you know that, right? Queen B's back on top and you're still her bottom bitch.
Addy: You shouldn't even be here after what you did to her.
Tacy: Well, you stole her spot.
Addy: Bitch, you crushed her face.

Never feel guilty for wanting things. People will always make you feel guilty for wanting things.

Colette [to Addy]

We can point fingers. But blame is pointless. Blaming others, blaming yourself. It eliminates focus and focus is what we need to get back on track before regionals. If Riri comes back from the doctor today with a concussion, she's useless to us. But her misfortune will be someone else's opportunity to shine and take her spot.


Matt: You know that saying: never press a desperate foe.
Colette: Who's desperate here?
Matt: We all are.

Will: All this. She made it seem like nothing. Did she make you think things too?
Addy: Think things like what?
Will: That she needed you. She definitely doesn't need me.

Dare Me Quotes

First game is next Friday. What do I see? Spray tans. Gummy bear thighs. Backyard tumblers. But I don't see a squad. And I do not see my top girl.


Colette: Look, I get she's your friend.
Addy: She is.
Colette: I've known a lot of Beth's. She needs limits. I'm giving them to her, it's that simple.