Rafe: I'm waiting and waiting, and I'm tired of your bull. So let's hear it [your explanation].
Charlie: Okay, fine. Ava came to my place. She was talking about knives and hurting herself and I didn't know what to do so I guess I just panicked and I tied her up.
Rafe: You tied her up to protect her from herself?
Charlie: Yes.
Rafe: Why didn't you call the police?
Charlie: It never occurred to me.
Rafe: So a woman comes to your door talking about knives and self-harm and instead of calling the police you tied her up. Maybe you didn't call the police because you didn't want anyone to know she was at your apartment. So okay, why didn't you at least call a doctor?
Charlie: I... I thought...
Rafe: You thought what?
Charlie: She hates doctors! She's terrified of them.
Rafe: Your mother is terrified of doctors? Why?
Charlie: I don't know.
Rafe: There it is. Ava's your mother.

Steve: I told you not to go rogue.
Tripp: Okay, so what's your excuse for being here?
Steve: Because someone needs to save you from yourself.

Claire: I believed he was the man I saw. Good, kind, sweet, romantic... but I guess I was so desperate for a boyfriend I didn't see he was lying to me.
Belle: No, honey, you weren't desperate.
Claire: Desperate is my thing. It's what I do. I crush on a guy and get obsessed.

Chad: We got through this before. You forgave me.
Abigail: Because you promised that this would never happen again, that you would never believe someone else over me! And now here we are in the same place all over again.

I told Charlie I loved this band and that tickets were impossible to get. And he got them for me. Best Christmas present ever. So how is it possible that the amazing guy who got me these tickets is the same guy who is being accused of kidnapping Ava Vitale and attacking Allie?


Chad: Do you have any idea how paranoid that sounds?
Abigail: You don't really get to talk to me about being paranoid right now.

Chloe: I think that's your cue to leave.
Bonnie: Oh, you want to sit with Ghoul Girl.
Chloe: Goodbye, Bonnie. Go ruin someone else's day.

I can't go through this again. I can't lose my babies.


Abe: Do you and Billy do a lot of cooking?
Valerie: There is no me and Billy. We broke up.
Abe: I'm sorry. Although I have to say... no, it's none of my business.
Valerie: What? Say what's on your mind.
Abe: Well, I'm sorry to hear that you and Billy aren't together, but I never thought he was good enough to be your romantic partner.
Valerie: Really? Though that begs the question, what kind of characteristics does a man who would be good enough to be my romantic partner have to have?
Abe: Well, he would have to be a lot like me.

Tony: Anna, you're not being helpful.
Anna: No, Tony, you're the one who is not being helpful. You want Abigail to stick her head in the sand while this woman takes her husband and her life!
Tony: Stick her head... what exactly are you hoping to find? A file marked 'My Secret Plan?'
Anna: It wouldn't surprise me. I've found weirder things in this house.

Abigail: Maybe Gwen was doing employer research and forgot she read that.
Anna: And maybe she's a psycho who's obsessed with your family. The question is: why?

Abe: We do make beautiful great-grandbabies in our family.
Eli: His name is Carver. Carver Melvin.
Abe: Carver...
Lani: And your great-granddaughter is named Julia.
Juile: That's my given name.
Lani: We know. That's why we named her that. Julia Harriet.
Eli: We figured so that there wouldn't be any confusion, we'd call her Jules.
Julie: Jules.
Lani: We realized that the reason we were having so much trouble coming up with names is we wanted our children to be named after people they could look up to for the rest of their lives. And that's the two of you.

Days of Our Lives Quotes

You're a monster just like your father. I wish you'd never come into our lives.


Well, darling, if I've learned anything in this life, it's that you cannot force someone to be in love with you. You just have to let it go.