Eric: It’s not what it seems.
Brady: What? You gonna tell me that your lips and Sarah’s accidentally bumped into each other’s?

I just have this nagging feeling. I could be totally wrong but do you think it could have been my mother who tried to kill Marlena?


I think Ben is falling into a self-fulfilling prophecy. He believes he’s too damaged to have a normal life, to be deserving of love. And without someone telling him that’s not true, eventually he’s going to turn back into that monster he’s afraid he already is.


Brady: I’m don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, Rex, but there’s something you should know.
Rex: What’s the bad news?
Brady: Kristen Dimera is alive.
Rex: I thought she died in that chemical explosion in Nashville.
Brady: I did too, but a nurse said she saw her here at the hospital. This nurse says she threatened her life if she didn’t let her into Marlena’s office and the pharmacy.
Sarah: What nurse?
Brady: Shelley Santos. Anyway, I was looking for a quiet place to call some of my guys and that’s when I ran into you two.
Sarah: That’s an interesting coincidence because Eric was just telling me the terrible things Kristen did to your family.
Brady: Really? Is that what I walked in on you two doing? Talking about Kristen?.

Diana: You need to eat. While you’re with Marlena I am going to get you some food.
[John goes]
Diana: And hopefully by the time I get back it’ll be goodnight Marlena for good.

Leo: After all this Stefan/Gabi drama, Benji, I could use a drink. Want to get one with me?
Ben: Um, I’m -
Leo: Straight. I know. It’s painfully obvious. I meant as friends. We could grab some ki-kis…
Ben: What is a ki-ki? Is that a drink?
Leo: You ARE straight, aren’t you? Anyway, I’d better go check on if I have a new daddy.
Ben: You mean like a sugar daddy?
Leo: Oh, I wish. Goodbye, big beautiful Ben.

Julie: It’s so good to see you out of the hospital. Are you okay?
Ciara: I’m fine. I just want to put the whole thing behind me.
Julie: Of course. So traumatic. I can’t believe that Jordan Ridgeway tried to kill you twice! Everyone tells me ‘she’s such a sweet girl’. Well, this time she really went off the rails. Of course, it’s no surprise. Just look at her family. She has Clyde Weston as a father and Ben as a brother.
Ciara: Grandma. Could you please stop?
Julie: Sorry. I know Ben is your boyfriend.
Ciara: He’s not anymore.

Let’s forget about til death do us part. We want to kill each other anyway. So let’s just get a divorce.


Take it from someone who learned it the hard way. You have to take care of yourself because no one else ever will.


I keep wanting to believe the man you were is still in there somewhere. The man I fell so hard for, the man I married. But if you keep going down this path, you will not only lose the election, you will lose your soul.


Tripp: You can have my room. I’ll stay on the couch.
Claire: Don’t be silly, Tripp, you can stay in my room. Most nights you do anyway.

JJ: The father I knew never would have betrayed me like this!
Jack: I don't remember being your father. I'm sorry..
JJ: No. That's not an excuse. Amnesia or no amnesia, this was a choice!