John: I can hardly believe it. We've been married a whole year.
Marlena: Again.
John: As God is my witness, this is the last time.

Abe: Sweetheart. I love Eli like a son,but my loyalty will always be to you. So I have to ask. Did he do something to hurt you?
Lani: God, no. Eli is the most wonderful man I've ever known. All he ever did was love me.

Rafe: How did she fall?
Jack: You're the detective! You find out! I...
[Jack throws himself on the ground next to Jennifer's body and takes her hand.]
Jack: I'll take your hand and you'll take mine. We came together to reach this... this hour of our happiness. We did it. Jennifer, we did it. You and me. We've overcome everything, every obstacle. This is our time to be happy. I will not lose you.

It's not distance that heals, sweetheart. It's time. And all the miles you put between you and everyone who loves you won't help.


Xander: Take a breath.
Sarah: I hate when people say that. And I can't take a breath or this dress is going to explode.

I have thrown away too many chances to be with you, Jennifer. So... carpe diem. Seize the day. I am seizing it. And this time when I marry you, it will be forever.


John: So? Did that movie scare the hell out of you?
Marlena: I don't know. A woman possessed by the devil? Seems a little far-fetched to me.

Lani: I just want to be with you and forget the world.
Eli: You are my world. Don't forget that.

I feel terrible about what happened. I fell apart last night after we saw you. But I'm not going to break up with Eli just so you can feel we're even.


Julie: Oh darling, I'll be there in spirit.
Eli: Are you sure that's what you want?
Julie: Oh darling, you and Lani have been through so much and some of it was because of me.

Jennifer: This is...
Jack: Yup
Jennifer: But it is the ring you gave me before I lost you, Jack.
Jack: I am so glad you recognize it.
Jennifer: But this was in my bedroom. How did you even get this?
Jack: Well getting my memory back does have its benefits. It comes in really handy. I remembered you always kept the key to the house under the planter on the front porch.
Jennifer: Yes and you were always bugging me to change that.
Jack: And I'm so glad you never listened to me so if you don't mind... [takes ring] The best is yet to come.
[Jack gets down on one knee.]
Jack: So. I may not be reciting Romeo and Juliet on a rooftop. I may not be coming down the chimney in a Santa Claus suit. I may not be standing out in the pouring rain with a jade plant. No. It's just you and me and this scone. No frills, no bells, no whistles.
Jen: No. I don't want that. This is more than enough.
Jack: I know. I know. Me too. But you know me. I love the grand gesture, the big surprise.
Jen: I'm tired of surprises, Jack. I'm over them.
Jack: Me too. You know what's really important? I love you. I LOVE YOU. I always have and always will. So all that remains is the question. Jennifer Horton, will you marry me.

Can't you keep her confined to quarters? It's bad enough living in the same house, never mind the same room.


Days of Our Lives Quotes

Xander: Take a breath.
Sarah: I hate when people say that. And I can't take a breath or this dress is going to explode.

Belle: Don't you want to get along with Brady?
Philip: It's a two way street.