Ben: I don't trust the system. The system had me on a table with a needle in my arm. They tried to kill me for something I didn't do.
Clyde: If you get caught, you'll be right back on that table.
Ben: I don't care.
Clyde: Well, I do. That's why I took the risk of busting out, to be with you. Tammy Sue is gone. It's just you and me, Ollie. What do I have left on the outside except for you?

This crystal cost me $39.99 plus tax. So I'd like to give it to Claire.


Belle: I feel sorry for you, Jan. You've had this sick obsession for how long? You think Shawn's gonna wake up one day and decide he's in love with you? You need to face the truth that even if Shawn and I don't work out, he will never want to be with you. You claim to be healed, but you snuck into my house in the middle of the night with the excuse that you wanted to give my daughter a gift. Who does that?
Jan: It wasn't an excuse. I've never had a friend like Claire. I wanted to do something nice for her.
Belle: You're living in a fantasy world, Jan! Shawn does not love you. He doesn't even like you. He hates you and he always will.

Ben: Ciara is dead because of me. Vincent wanted to punish me because of what I did to Paige and to Wendy.
Clyde: So guilt's eatin' you alive. But killing Vincent isn't gonna solve that. It's just gonna leave you dead. Use your brains and don't add to the body count. You want to honor Ciara? Be the man she wanted you to become. Live the life she wanted you to live.

Kayla: A DNA test would resolve this whole thing.
Tripp: In other words, you think I'm guilty. I'll pass.

This is really Allie's story to tell, but since you're here and at least one of her parents should know, maybe it would be easier if I told you.


I'm the older brother. That makes me the heir and you the spare!


Charlie: Claire wants nothing to do with you!
Tripp: This is none of your business!
Charlie: Oh yeah? Well, I'm making it my business.

Charlie: Would you like to go out for drinks tonight?
Claire: Smoothies?
Charlie: I was thinking something a little stronger.

I fear I may have been a little hasty. I'm giving you a second chance. I suggest you find a way to work with Philip


My memory of that night is spotty, but I know for sure that Tripp held me down and when I said NO he didn't listen.


Hope: What happened to Ciara?
Vincent: Isn't it obvious? I shot her.