I miss you already Captain Pantsuit.


Can your computer lady make me some cucumber water? I'm parched from that dry interaction.


Ray: Mick, are you feeling alright?
Mick: My stomach hurts, I can't eat, I can't drink. I think Ali gave me an STD back at the reunion.
Ray: Those are not symptoms, those are feelings. Mick, I think you're developing a crush.
Mick: Is that when you whiz and it hurts?

Well looks like we have a mission. So everybody stop looking so Les Miserables because we are going to France!


Eva, I can handle myself in the field. I once played capture the flag to raise awareness about feline OCD so.


Zari: I've been trying to get people to like me for so long that I've forgotten who I really am. I have millions of followers but zero friends.
Ava: You got one.