Zari: Guys, we did it! The totems united to create a single, furry love child.
Mick: Worst. Orgy. Ever.

Mick: Looks like phallus...
Wally: Mallus...
Mick: Mollus has brought back our little buddies.

Sara: So, who died and made you sheriff?
Jonah Hex: That would be the old sheriff.

Sara: Us being the key word. You and Amaya were born to wield the totems and the rest of us are just...
Mick: Losers. That's why Rip picked us. Snart, the professor, those stupid hawk flying chicken people. We're all expendable.

We might want to rethink that whole "we screw up things for the better" motto.


Barack: Barack is what it says on my birth certificate.
Sara: Yeah, you might want to hold onto that.

A hairless ape who fights with fire? How primitive.


The rest of us? We’re all on ObamaCare.


Nate: Someone stole the jump ship! Where’s Amaya?
Zari: According to the jump ship logs, Zambesi 1992. Right before the warlords destroy her village…
Nate: And she dies.

I can’t think of anyone better to train a new totem bearer.


I’m putting Amaya in charge.


Gary: You think Director Sharpe deleted her own file? That’s crazy.
Sara: Yeah, well so is putting on a wig and pretending to be your boss.