I've made so many wrong choices, Molly. But I promise you, I won't ever do that again.


That's what keeps us from going under, it's the struggle. Mistakes are what make us human. All of us. But forgiveness, that gives us humanity. It's time, baby girl. It's time to forgive me. To forgive John. To forgive yourself.

Molly's father

Loving doesn't come easy to me. Can't you see, Daddy? I've been running from you and Mrs. Kaber my whole life.


Julie: We're gonna need a decent alibi in shutting Lucy down. More money has gone into her than most fighter jets.
Charlie: You mean 'she went totes bonkers' isn't a good enough reason?

I know this is hard Ethan, but... There are good humans and there are bad humans. And there are good Humanichs and there are bad Humanichs. Lucy is one of the bad ones.


Ethan: So you never put limiters on her?
Charlie: Humans have self-limiters. Ethics, morals, things you learn along the way.
Ethan: But not all humans are good.
Charlie: And not all Humanichs are good. See, Lucy... she didn't have what you had. A loving family. A lifetime of experience. All she learned was how to manipulate. To get what she wants.

Ahdu: Thank you.
Molly: For what?
Ahdu: For bringing me here.
Molly: I did this to you Ahdu. I created that virus.
Ahdu: You gave me life. You gave us all life.
Molly: Briefly.

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That alien is my son. And he's dying.


Julie: Charlie, this is horrible.
Charlie: It's alright she's [Lucy's] not in any pain, that's the beauty of Humanichs: what's done can be undone.
Julie: I'm not talking about repairs. I'm talking about what I've done with John's vision of the program. That can't be undone.

JD: Miss me?
Molly: What took you so long?

Terra: But you're still what daddy says you are.
Molly: And what is that?
Terra: Our leader.

The more human experience you give me, the more human I become. I can be so much more if you let me.


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I don't know what's going on with you, but you better get used to it because that kid is the closest we're ever going to become to being parents.


Well you know what? I think we always end up where we're supposed to.