Nick: What if San Diego doesn't work out?
Strand: I don't know. The whole world is I don't know right now. You should know about that.

I could have fixed it! You shot her!


You die on water, you die on land. You gotta die somewhere.


Nick: How do I contribute? Why am I here?
Strand: You mean on this boat or here existentially?
Nick: I don't know. Either?

This isn't a game! It's mob rule on land! You think it's any better out here?


I remember the first time I hit my father. I was furious. I was 13. It didn't end well.


Alicia: Jack, Jack. We can't come get you. It's too dangerous.
Jack: It's OK Alicia. I got you. I'll see you soon.
Alicia: Jack?

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