This is survival ... but not of the fittest.


Wendell: What are you doing here?
Logan: You really have to ask?

Sarah: Chow down and rest up, babyface. We're heading for Tank Town at Oh-eight-hundred.
Dwight: We're going to have to wait. The headcount is off.
June: No, everyone was accounted for when we packed up.
Dwight: Look, I don't know what to tell you, but someone is missing.

Locked up tighter than a fireman's sphincter of the fourth of July.


John: This isn't just about the gas.
June: I know.
John: I want you to stop and take a breath.
June: This isn't the right place to do it.
John: Okay.

We're about to buy ourselves a ticker to the promised land.


I never should have radioed you.


Don't you guys have bigger fish to fry?


Logan: Give me the oil.
Morgan: No.

Wes: Is anybody there?
Strand: Don't tell him where we are.
Alicia: We copy.
Wes: Who's this?
Alicia: You go first.
Wes: Alicia?
Strand: He saw the tapes. You saw the tapes?
Wes: Mitch, is that you?
Strand: It's Victor. What's your name -- how may we assist you?
Wes: Name's Wes.

Dwight: So, we should go meet up with the others.
Grace: Where our caravan's going, we need everything we can find in this place.
Dwight: What if they find us?
Grace: No, they won't. We were careful. No chatter. No breadcrumbs.
Dwight: They might have heard the same message that brought us here.
Morgan: You think they're in range?
Dwight: I'm picking up Daniel's signal.
Morgan: Right.
Grace: So, we go?
Dwight: They're pretty pissed about the gas. I want to make sure we're standing if they're on their way here.
Morgan: If they're hitting truck stops, we're going to need everything that's in here more than ever.

Dwight: Did you bring something to tear my fingernails off with ... a pair of pliers maybe?
Man: I was thinking about your question. Gonna tell you the truth, I got no clue why Logan wants that gas, but he wants it and when you go that long without something, well makes you do even crazier things to get it. You can understand that, right Dwight?
Dwight: How do you know my name?
Man: Oh, come on now. Can't go a mile around here without finding one of those tapes y'all made. I gotta say, when I saw your part, I thought, I get this guy. He's all broken up over what eventually breaks us all.

Fear the Walking Dead Quotes

Nick: There was blood all over her mouth, and then she came at me.
Travis: What did she do?
Nick: She was eating them. She was eating them.

If there’s a problem, we’re gonna know about it. The authorities would tell us.