It feels like an epic fuckfest with a ghost.


When I broke up with my girlfriend from college, so sad, I lost 30 lbs, I couldn't move or talk or get my dick hard, but it also made me go hey who am I and what do I want?


Adam: Could you fly?
Hannah: No I couldn't fly, but I didn't have ears that big.

I'm not a fucking JAP daycare, absolutely not.


Hannah: Okay that's Adam
Jessa: He does sort of look like the original man.

All I ever wanted for you was to find satisfaction outside of our relationship.

Marnie [to Charlie]

Last time I got drunk I ate all this brie and threw up on my cell phone.


I've never seen him outside his house. I've never seen him with a shirt on!

Hannah [about Adam]

I could massage your groin in a non-sexual way.


I'll be your crack spirit guide.


Enjoy going through life as yourself.


You don't wanna know me.

Adam [to Hannah]

Girls Season 1 Quotes

Ok I think I got everything, testicles, spectacles, wallet, and watch.


Jessa: It's pot, do you want some?
Shoshanna: Oh no, I'm hyper enough already.