I'm Hannah forever. No matter what I do, no matter whether I start a new nuclear missile crisis with my emotions, or I sit back and chill and give someone a fruit basket, I can only control the mayhem that I create around me. But the crazy thing is, when I showed up, I heard screaming and I heard my name and I heard madness. And I knew that I was free. At least for tonight. That's all. Thank you.


Y'know, people hate me. I'm a hateable kind of person. I don't know why, I can't help it, maybe it's because I have a big ass and good hair but I know, I know that I have principles and one thing I don't do is steal people's boyfriends. But you ruin that. Don't you see that?! I'll never forgive you. I will NEVER forgive you for that. We could die in the same bed and I will never forgive you.


I need to see how other people see me, because it's the only way that I can see myself.


Dill, I know you would never admit this to yourself, but don't you want to be with somebody who sees you for you? Beyond all this. I'm the only person who's gonna be honest with you about your bad jokes and the fact that, no, you don't look better with a shaved head. And if you say your private life is private and go and see Cher in Las Vegas, that's not the same thing as coming out of the closet. But all those guys you have around, all those fucking guys you just have... they're only going to tell you what you want to hear, and they're going to cater to you because of your fame and the stuff that you have. I don't want your stuff. You're going to end up with nothing, and you deserve everything. Dill, don't you want to be with someone who sees you for you? Don't you want a boyfriend-someone? Who's honest?


Don't look back, but I look exactly like a poodle with her head sticking out the window!


Tally [about Jessa]: Yeah, I mean, from what I remember, she has really amazing hair.
Hannah: She has amazing hair, she's an amazing person. She's just not a person I can have in my life right now. And the worst part is, like, I miss them both, you know? I love them both so much, I don't know who to warn about the other one. And I could do what my instinct is, which is run around and destroy things and scream and try to throw myself in front of a van to make a point but end of the day, that would just be me fulfilling all of their expectations of me and I would love to surprise someone sometimes.

Elijah: I'm like three beers away from trying to fuck you.
Loreen: Apparently you're my type.

Marnie: I had a love dream about you.
Ray: What the fuck is a love dream?
Marnie: I love you. It can't be you. It just... It can't. It can't be you.
Ray: I think it might be me, Marn. I really do.

Jessa: Why aren't you helping me?
Adam: You're an adult. She's a baby. Why do you need more help than a baby?

I don't want to be in this relationship anymore and I don't know how to get out.


Hannah: You're gonna like it, it's a good place to live. There's a lot of different kinds of food. Good pizza.
Hector: It's a good place to start over.
Hannah: Yeah.

Stay away, okay. Please. I don't want to talk, okay? I don't want to do this. I don't belong with you. I'm sorry, please go.


Girls Season 5 Quotes

Shoshanna: Oh, wow. You look so whimsical-slash-beautiful.
Jessa: Thank you. I just bathed in the stream and then I ran through the field to dry myself.

By the way, living in Japan has made me so effing good at folding, steaming, pressing, et cetera. My friend Satako says that I'm, like, a complete natural, and could totally compete with the best of them. They have this reality TV show there called "Fold, Fold, Press" which is kind of about being human.