The stupid thing is, I can't live without her.


Ruby: I did every single thing you asked.
Turner: And still, I got nothing.
Ruby: I don't know what you want!
Turner: Pictures, people, names, dates. Something I can use.

Noah: I'm Noah.
Annie: Hey, Noah. I'm Ariana Grande.

Beth: My daughter needed something in the car.
Rio: Who cares?
Beth: I do! I'm a mother!
Rio: You're a drug dealer! You move pills and you wash cash, that's what you do. That's who you are. And if you mess up at that, you go to jail or you die. Get your head straight.

Dean: Kids get lost, Beth.
Beth: No! Parents lose them.

Rio: What's 50/50 mean to you?
Beth: If this is about the drop off, I'm doing it in the morning.
Rio: 50/50 means I'm paying you so damn much I don't have to come and track you down anymore. At your recitals and swim and the orthodontist and ----
Beth: Why do I feel like we keep having this conversation?
Rio: You tell me.
Beth: Well then let's stop.

Ruby: So what, we just say cut us in pretty please?
Beth: No, we take every pill from every car, and we bleed him dry.
Annie: Hell yeah.
Ruby: And then he shoots us in the face.
Annie: He can't shoot us in the face if we have his product.
Ruby: Can't he?
Beth: He won't.
Ruby: Won't he?

Beth: I trusted you.
Rio: That's your fault.

Beth: What's in the cars?
Rio: What's in the box! What's in the box! Just bring them, alright? It won't be good for nobody if you don't.

Stan: It's not a good look.
Ruby: You know what's not a good look? You at the dinner table doing the shaky leg.
Stan: What are you talking about?
Ruby: You got no poker face, babe. And I love you for it, but it's going to bring the both of us down. Hard.

Ruby: Our girls a side piece.
Beth: You think I care who he sleeps with? I so don't.

Annie: You're on a total power trip!
Beth: I am not.
Annie: Yeah, you think you're like the big boss now because your vagina got woke.
Ruby: I mean, how was it?

Good Girls Quotes

You're like a Stepford mom without a pulse.

Annie [to Beth]

Ruby: So when you wanna do this?
Annie: Well I already bought three automatics and filed off the serial numbers. So, really, name a day.