Annie: You know if Beth would have suggested this, you would have been all in.
Ruby: Like I'm some kind of yes man?
Annie: Ruby, want to rob a grocery store? Sure, Beth! Hey, Ruby, want to drink some gasoline? Yeah, sounds yum, Beth. Pour it in my mouth!
Ruby: Okay, you know what.
Annie: But of course, when I come up with a sound solution -
Ruby: Oh, you mean this or up an elephant ass?
Annie: Yes! I put two viable options on the table and all you had to do was choose one.
Ruby: You know what? You're right. You're not Beth. You never will be. You know what you are?
Annie: Please.
Ruby: You're a child. You do whatever you want, whatever you want without thinking about anyone else but yourself.

Ruby: Here's a question. How did they even know about the pills?
Beth: Or exactly where to look for them?
Ruby: And just for the record -
Beth: You don't have to go there.
Ruby: I didn't say a word.
Beth: No one's accusing you.
Ruby: But I mean, someone said something.

Ruby: So you're totally okay with all this?
Beth: What?
Annie: You know, actual book club.
Beth: I mean, what about you guys?
Annie: Well, kinda miss the money.
Ruby: Not gonna lie.

Stan: Oh, you're going to have your hands full.
Ruby: What are you talking about?
Stan: When I go away.

Turner: Lot's clean.
Noah: They knew we were coming.

Beth: How do you think he's going to do it? Without us?
Ruby: Oh, I don't know. There's always some idiot willing to do something stupid for money.

Gregg: Um, you move fast.
Annie: I work with him.
Gregg: Of course you do.
Annie: He's my boss.
Gregg: Of course he is.

I'm a d-bag, okay? So I know when I see one. Just be careful.

Gregg [to Annie]

JT: I need your address.
Ruby: Don't you have it in your system?
JT: No. I need it for your school district.
Ruby: You can get your GED online.
JT: I majored in finance at MSU, bitch.

Sara: Did he do it?
Ruby: It's complicated.
Sara: Did he do what they said he did?
Ruby: Yes.
Sara: Then he should stay in jail.

Gregg: Look, uh, I wouldn't get too comfortable here.
Noah: What does that mean?
Gregg: Well, I just don't think she knows what she really wants.
Noah: Well, I think she knows what she doesn't want.

Beth: You know what would be so nice? Is if you gave me a break just once.
Rio: Rough week?
Beth: My husband took my children.
Rio: I know it's lonely at the top.

Good Girls Quotes

You're like a Stepford mom without a pulse.

Annie [to Beth]

Ruby: So when you wanna do this?
Annie: Well I already bought three automatics and filed off the serial numbers. So, really, name a day.