Ruby: Do we look any different?
Stan: Better.
Ruby: Older.
Stan: Sexier.

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Beth: He's asking where the package is.
Annie: We're not Amazon Prime.

Beth: She lied, Annie.
Ruby: For months.
Beth: And she chose him over you.
Ruby: And she's kinda racist.
Beth: She's mostly racist.

Dr. Cohen: Yelp therapist, eh?
Ben: Freedom fighter.
Dr. Cohen: Definitely your mom's son.

Dean: Where you going?
Beth: I am going to get our lives back.
Dean: You gotta look that good to do it?
Beth: You trust me?

Ruby: One of us has to be good!
Stan: Why?
Ruby: What do you mean why?
Stan: All my life I've been swimming upstream, fighting it. And you know where that gets you? It doesn't get you respect. It doesn't get you a badge. Doesn't get you a proper wedding ring. It just gets you tired. And then you get washed right back down again.

Beth: I'm sorry.
Dean: This is the last thing he takes from us.

Ruby: Am I gonna make it?
Annie: You shut up and drink your frap!

Beth: Hey. It wasn't supposed to go...
Stan: Hey, tell that to my kids.

Beth: We told her not to get in the van, but she trusted him.
Max: Sounds like Lucy.
Beth: If it wasn't for her, we would all be...
Annie: It's true, Max.
Ruby: She's a hero.

Just cuz he's back, doesn't mean that you and I can't stay weird.

Beth [to Dean]

Hey criminals. No need to hide that.

Stan [to the girls]

Good Girls Quotes

Dean: We can't go back.
Beth: He's gonna kill me.
Dean: You don't kill something you love.

Beth: When does it get to be mine?
Rio: When does what get to be yours?
Beth: I made all of this happen.
Rio: Next time empty the clip.