Beth: I'm sorry.
Dean: This is the last thing he takes from us.

Beth: We're just torturing ourselves.
Ruby: Why did you take all this?
Beth: I couldn't leave it there.
Ruby: Why not?
Beth: Her phone was ringing. Someone would know something horrible happened.
Ruby: Something horrible did happen.
Beth: And we just stood there and watched.

Beth: You know he can't be a cop again, you know that right?
Ruby: What am I gonna do?

Max: Have you ever been dumped?
Beth: I married my first boyfriend.
Max: Then you don't know.

Ruby: What are we gonna do?
Beth: Print.

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Annie: I'm just scared.
Dr. Cohen: Of what?
Annie: That if I died tomorrow, the only thing that people would remember about me was what was in my purse.

Beth: This is your fault!
Rio: You, me, we. It's just business.

Beth: Which one is it?
Mick: I didn't bury her.

Sara: How's this gonna work?
Ruby: How's what gonna work?
Sara: How's Daddy supposed to be a cop again?
Ruby: What do you mean?
Sara: He'll have to arrest you. I mean, right? Like at some point.

Stan: Come on, Ruby.
Ruby: Wait, you're mad at me now?
Stan: When you lie, you sleep like a queen. We're just lucky she knows the difference.

Dean: I wasn't trying to make things worse.
Beth: I know.
Dean: I just, I really hate you being around that guy again.
Beth: Me too.
Dean: Really? So, what happened? Was he pissed?
Beth: Yeah.
Dean: I told you, he won't kill something he loves.
Beth: It's not me, though.
Dean: What is it?
Beth: Money.

Ruby: So, you just found God?
Sara: What?
Ruby: Game recognize game, peanut. I'm just saying.

Good Girls Quotes

Beth: When does it get to be mine?
Rio: When does what get to be yours?
Beth: I made all of this happen.
Rio: Next time empty the clip.

You're like a Stepford mom without a pulse.

Annie [to Beth]