Annie: What do you mean by help?
Beth: Pointing out everything that I'm doing wrong.
Annie: Dog, I've been on that for years.
Beth: Oh, she's more specific. Like where I keep my trash bags, what I feed my kids, the way I wear my rouge, as she puts it.
Annie: Too much, right?
Beth: Too little.

Beth: Your happiness was important, too.
Judith: How much does the card shop pay?
Beth: You shouldn't have quit.
Judith: And you should be home for dinner if you don't want the kids saying grace. What a lie, huh? That we can have it all.

Beth: And then every criminal in the city knows that we're a bunch of suckers.
Annie: Well, can't have it all.

Bartender: Can I get you anything?
Beth: I'll wait for my friend.
Rio: She ain't coming. I think you might need that drink, huh?

Ruby: I hate how good we are at this.
Stan: I know. Bill roulette.

Nancy: And Dr. Cohen mentioned that you could possibly play a role in our healing.
Annie: Ew.
Gregg: Well, that's not really what he said exactly.
Nancy: Well, honey, he did say that she's the reason that you slipped up.
Annie: Excuse me?

Annie: Rome wasn't built in a day.
JT: It burnt down in a night.

Lucy: Look, I'm really good at what I do. And if it got into the wrong hands, ya know, it's kinda like, counterfeit.
Beth: Oh, you guys, I never even thought about that, wow.
Annie: That did not even occur to me.

You bitches just leveled up.


Annie: These are microscopic inconsistencies. It's close enough.
JT: Okay, boo. Close enough'll get you ten to twenty in the state pen.

Annie: Freezing out here. Have to slice up a horse and crawl in Revenant style.
Ruby: Where you gonna find a horse?
Annie: Fine. A big dog.

Beth: I murdered the kids dad, alright? The least I could do is get him into intramural sports.
Annie: You plunged into the way deep end of the pool on this one, sis.
Ruby: It's not gonna bring him back.
Beth: I don't wanna bring him back.
Ruby: Then what's the point?
Beth: Maybe I can make their lives a little bit better.
Annie: By lying?
Beth: By helping.

Good Girls Quotes

You're like a Stepford mom without a pulse.

Annie [to Beth]

Ruby: So when you wanna do this?
Annie: Well I already bought three automatics and filed off the serial numbers. So, really, name a day.