Colin: You promised you weren't in contact with Ben.
Juliet: It's not that easy for him!
Colin: Prison shouldn't be easy. Especially when you deserve to be there. Why else would his lawyer have had him plead guilty?

What if I need to go through sex rehab like Jesse James?


[to Dan] Why do you have mad face?


Let me see, writing a paper on Hannah Arendt? Or a secret mission that might help me clear my name. Let me grab my bag.


[to Serena] Do you forget what happens to you on vacation? There's a reason you never get a tan line.


Blair: It's just your ordinary, run of the mill ex sex, fueled by the most common of aphrodisiacs: mutual loathing and disdain.
Serena: May I remind you that those are both feelings?

Okay, it's just sex, and a one-time thing at that! Or, maybe a five-time thing. Or, let's be honest, I've lost count how many times.


I saw the way you were looking at Serena van der Woodsen at Blair Waldorf's party the other night.

Closure. The unattainable goal. In my personal experience the closest I've come to getting it is through massive amounts of hate sex. But that's just me.


Juliet: Nate, this isn't me. You know that.
Nate: How would I ever believe anything you say again?
Blair: Well you can believe the part where she does her own hair.

Chuck: [to Juliet] Your obsession with Serena has grown tiresome.
Blair: [also to Juliet] Just because you have no money and delusions of grandeur does not make it okay for you to be a single white trash female.

Juliet, I don't like tattletales much more than I like young women who use their sexuality to further their academic careers. So if you will please excuse me, I'm going to try my best to to enjoy this performance. Which, hopefully, is a little more graceful than the one I've just seen.

Dean Reuther

Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Chuck: This comforter blocks out so much noise they could sell it to Bose.
Blair: This has got to end.
Chuck: I thought I just did.
Blair: That was the last time.

Serena: I know we agreed to wait, but it feels like life is just passing us by. It's not fair.
Blair: Life is tough Serena. Get a helmet.

Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 8 Music

  Song Artist
Blue moon Blue Moon Kendal Johansson iTunes
Song As Far As I Can See The 88 iTunes
Down by the water Down By The Water The Drums iTunes