She may be afraid of trees but when push comes to shove she won't let you drink the shampoo. No matter how good it smells.


Rusty: I know we've been only going out a couple of week, and the way the economy is, we could share a room... to save money... only if you want! Because of the economy and stuff.
Dana: Um I wouldn't, saving a little money.

Ashleigh: I'm sorry, but I thought you'd accepted your relationship with Cappie would end after graduation.
Casey: I did but that's when everything was theoretical.
Ashleigh: And now it's retical.
Casey: Exactly. I"m going to be 22. Do you know is 22? Old people!

There's an awful lot of gratuitous flesh. It's like the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric.


Happy spring break, Evan Pompeo! Of Grey's Anatomy fame!


This is your fault! You're like weed, you're my gateway Rusty Cartwright.


What happens in the pantry, stays in the pantry.


Ashleigh: Rebecca, you want to compete?
Rebecca: Why wouldn't I?
Casey: Well, given the whole Beaver thing...
Rebecca: Hey, it didn't hurt Vanessa Williams' career.
Casey: No, not, not that...

Adam: I think I might be... gay.
Calvin: See It's OK to say the word out loud. What makes you think so?
Adam: I saw New Moon, six times.

Grant: So what's the verdict on the cruise?
Calvin: I'm sorry, I just I don't want to spend Spring Break with a bunch of single gay strangers.
Grant: So you'd rather spend it with thousands of drunk homophobic straight dudes and girls with low self-esteem in wet T-shirts?

Quit being my hero and start being my friend.


Evan Chambers, the violent predator of Rusty Cartwright? the betrayer of Cappie? You'll get one of my deep fried snacks, when you pry it out of my cold dead hands.


Greek Season 3 Quotes

Kill her then have sex with her - it's the Kappa Tau way.


I do not go to the gym five times a week for my health!