Whoa...that is a beautiful tumor. Whose brain is that?


She doesn't want to be with me. She...uh, she thinks I'm still in love with you.


It causes me pain the way that we're doing this, and I think I have to move out.


If you want Teddy as much as she wants you, you can have her. Really. It's no skin off my back.


Owen: Dammit, Megan!
Megan: What?
Owen: I was gonna storm out, but you made that really hard.

Your family is gathered. Is she family or not?

Mama Hunt

She needs to know that you're all in with her because anything in between is torture.


If a guy hurts you physically that has nothing to do with you and what you do.


Bailey: Let me just get this right, you want me to let you have women masturbate in my MRI so that you can study their brains when they orgasm?
Carina: Yes.

You are my surgeon, Dr. Grey. Just promise me you'll find a killer set of abs.


Alex: You slept with glasses? [laughs] Oh my god. Wow. [laughs] Oh wow.
Ben: I was going to laugh, too, but I was trying to be polite. What would Stephanie do?

Arizona: Andrew is Italian?
Carina: Andrei is his given name.