MEREDITH: "I'll tell him."
CALLIE: "What?"
MEREDITH: "About the panties!"
CALLIE: "No. Are you kidding? He's jealous!"

ADDISON: "I'm desirable Amanda."
MIRANDA: "Miranda."
ADDISON: "Right. Joe, I'm desirable right?"
JOE: "I have a boyfriend."
ADDISON: "Be that as it may, I don't need to tell you how wildly attractive I am. Wildly attractive!"
JOE: "You are. Your wildly attractive cab is here."
ADDISON: "It is?"
JOE: "Told me to call a cab at 10. It's 10."
ADDISON: "It is? I guess that's for the best huh?"
MIRANDA: "I would say so."

[drunk] I've decided that I'm gonna get really fat. Just as a stop gap, just until I figure out another plan. Eat all of these muffins and I'm gonna get really gloriously fat! It's over. Over. Ooover. I'm talking about the last 1/3 of my life Miranda. How can that be just over. How can that just end? Over a skinky pair of panties and bad tux."


ADDISON: "Did you know about the slutty sex your slutty friend had with my super slutty husband?"
IZZIE: "You should have a muffin. They're really good and they help you."
ADDISON: "I may be beyond help."
IZZIE: [walks out] "Yeah, me too. Don't let her drive Joe."
ADDISON: [eats a muffin] "Mmm. Good!"

ADDISON: "Dr. Stevens!"
IZZIE: "Please don't call me doctor."
ADDISON: "Oookay, well, please don't call me Mrs. Shepherd! Ha! That's funny."
IZZIE: "She's drunk."
JOE: "This is true."

CRISTINA: "His mother rivals my mother and that's saying something. Both of them, dark and evil."
MEREDITH: "I'm missing dirty stripper Cristina. She was fun and less angry."
CRISTINA: "I miss philandering whore Meredith. She was trashy, and much less idyllic."

[to Meredith] "You guys should think about... maybe getting a hotel room or something."


DEREK: "I'm done, whatever you decide. I'm ending it with Addison today."
MEREDITH: "You've said this before."
DEREK: "I know, but this time I mean it. I'm gonna come clean just as soon as I see her."
MEREDITH: "You are?"
DEREK: "I am."

MEREDITH: "Normally I would like the things you said to me. Normally I would even think the bulletin board thing was funny."
DEREK: "Bulletin board thing? What are you talking about?"
MEREDITH: "But you're married. Which makes none of this normal. It makes me a home-wrecker and I hate the fact that I'm a home-wrecker."
DEREK: "Meredith. I'm not going to pressure you. Take all the time you need. Just so you have all the information. But my home was wrecked way before you came into the picture. I am just now done trying to rebuild it."

DEREK: "This is a change. From the elevator. A little bit more public. I like that."
MEREDITH: "You're married. You're married and you said things to me."

[whispering about the panties]
CRISTINA: "Yours?"
MEREDITH: "This is bad, this isn't good."
CRISTINA: "You better claim them. She thinks they are mine. Claim them!"
MIRANDA: "I know it's one of you. It's always one of mine. Always."

"You can tell me... who's damn panties are on the bulletin board!?"


Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

CRISTINA: Oh you're one to talk. Sleeping with 2 men.
MEREDITH: Wrong. Not sleeping with either one of them. Not until I pick one. If I haven't made a decision by the end of the day, I'm flipping a coin. A girl can only hold out for so long.
CRISTINA: And somehow I'm the dirty stripper? Huh?!
MIRANDA: You two have time to round or are you too busy getting naked on hospital property?
CRISTINA: I wasn't naked. I wasn't naked!

MEREDITH: It's not Tyler's fault you're a dirty, dirty stripper.
CRISTINA: You heard?
MEREDITH: Everyone heard. Stripper.