Blood is blood.

Wo Fat [to Hesse]

Danny: I think this guy might be crazier than you.
McGarrett: I think you might be right.

War is messy.

McGarrett [to Cole]

McGarrett's the best soldier I've ever served with. He can compartmentalize. If something's bothering him, he'll deal with it.

Junior [to Tani]

This guy [Cole] is bad ass.

McGarrett [to Junior]

C'mon, Danny. You know there's no such thing as luck. Just the guiding hand of an experienced law-enforcement professional.

Grover [to Danny]

The last thing I need in my life is another mystery.

McGarrett [to Danny]

McGarrett: How'd you find me?
Danny: I'm a cop.

Junior: I could try being meaner.
Tani: You couldn't if you tried.

Honesty would have saved those two heartbreak.

Tani [to Hirsch]

Moses, smell the roses!


Tani: He made me breakfast.
Hirsch: That monster!

Hawaii Five-0 Quotes

Wow, America's Most Wanted! What's going on?

Danny [to McGarrett]

I was just wondering how you possibly could share DNA with this man?

Tani [to Junior]