[Looking at Tani] When I said to bring me a delicious snack, I meant food.

Oscar [to Hirsch]

Hirsch: So Rei-Rey is official?
Tani: Please don't make that a thing.

Hey, elder care is not cheap.

Hirsch [to McGarrett]

Thank you for the welfare check. I appreciate it.

McGarrett [to Hirsch]

I would have taken "Nice spread."

Junior [to Tani]

McGarrett: Admit it, Danny. You're going to miss this when it's done.
Danny: Yeah, but I would never say it out loud.

Grover: How did the two of you do all this?
McGarrett: We improvised.

See? Sharing isn't so bad, is it?

Adam [to Quinn]

C'mon, sista. I've always got friends in low places.

Kamekona [to Quinn]

Danny: I'm here if you want to talk.
McGarrett: And even if I don't.

McGarrett [to Danny]: Danny, I've seen you on a horse. It's not good.
Grover: They've still got time to argue. Isn't that nice?

If there's one thing I understand, it's wanting to keep your past in the past.

Adam [to Quinn]

Hawaii Five-0 Quotes

Wow, America's Most Wanted! What's going on?

Danny [to McGarrett]

[Catherine] was the one who got away. What are you gonna do?

McGarrett [to Lincoln]