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When you go down, I hope I'm here to see it.

Nate [to Annalise]

Nate: I killed Miller, Annalise. And yeah I can own that.
Annalise: He was innocent, Nate. And rather than to know that and hate yourself, I tried to help you.

Tegan: Call Annalise, at least to hear her side.
Nate: She got under your skin good, huh?
Tegan: What does that mean?
Nate: Watch your back.

Frank: Promise me this isn't all about breaking up me and Laurel.
Annalise: Oh, shut up.
Frank: I deserve love, Annalise, like everyone else.
Annalise: Bonnie deserves love. Whether it's with you isn't up to you or me.

Michaela: Are you the mole?
Laurel: No! It wasn't me. I swear. I would never turn you guys in, okay? But, obviously, someone else did.

You don't get to hurt her, anymore.

Frank [to Nate]

Annalise: Maybe we turn ourselves in.
Frank: If you lose it, I'm gonna lose it worse.
Annalise: No. They're gonna kill us all if we keep this up.
Frank: I'll go to jail, fine. But only after I kill whoever did this.

Annalise: You're gonna lose. I hope you know that.
Tegan: Thank you for the encouragement, friend.

God wants us to keep Bonnie alive. Or did you already go back to loving Laurel?

Annalise [to Frank]

Annalise: Congrats. The governor knows your name now.
Bonnie: Nate was gonna file this with or without me. At least this way we're the ones managing him.
Annalise: And who's managing you?
Bonnie: That's not why you're here right now?

Bonnie: What?
Nate: You're good.
Bonnie: You're just realizing that?

Robert: When you're alone, don't you miss being touched?
Annalise: Not all touch is welcomed. It's not something I talk about, but it's there.

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How to Get Away with Murder Quotes

They're coming for us, Bonnie. It's not if, it's when.


Nate: Frank made 3 calls the night Rebecca disappeared.
Wes: To who?
Nate: It doesn't matter.
Wes: No, I'm not going to tell anyone.