Tilda: Where's M.K.? He wasn't in his room, so what have you done with him?
The Widow: He's safe.
Tilda: Don't lie to me.
The Widow: Do you really think I'd hurt him? I'm trying to protect him. What kind of person do you think I am?
Tilda: I don't know anymore. Power's changed you. Now you're willing to sacrifice innocent lives for your own interest.
The Widow: I'd choose your next words very carefully.
Tilda: You're no better than any other Baron. Swindling people with declarations of good will, only to stab them in the back.
The Widow: What did I do to earn such contempt? I gave you the world.
Tilda: Bullshit! You've got everyone fooled, Minerva. Everyone but me. Maybe Veil was right: I should have poisoned you when I had the chance.

I am your husband now. Now and forever.

Quinn [to Veil]

Don't start what you can't finish. Kill Me!

Tilda[to The Widow]

Gabriel: What is it?
Quinn: Just taste it. Congratulations, Gabriel. You are now part of a very select society. One of only two men in this entire army to have ever tasted ice cream!

M.K.: I know where the book is: it's in the conservatory. The Widow is planning to use it to get her powers back.
Bajie: Ah, same old Flea.
M.K.: Wait-The Widow is Flea?
Bajie: Yeah.
M.K.: You trained The Widow?
Bajie: Yeah. Listen, that book in her possession, no one is safe.

Not with a whimper, but a bang.

Quinn [to Gabriel]

Gabriel: Veil wants to let you know that her son Henry recognizes Quinn as his true father.
Sunny: That's not possible.
Gabriel: The Widow is not your ally. If you march with her on Quinn, with her forces beside you, you march to death.
The Widow: He's lying. Quinn's afraid. He's just trying to turn you against me.
Gabriel: Says the woman who traded Veil to Quinn.
Sunny: Is that true?

Bajie: Where did you get this book? You can trust me.
Flea: My father. He gave it to me before he disappeared.
Bajie: Can you read it?
Flea: Father only taught me one word: Azra.
Bajie: Azra. Well, that's a good start. This book. This stays between us, OK? I'm Bajie. What's your name?
Flea: Minerva.
Bajie: Well Minerva, it seems that dear mother Fate has brought us together for a reason.

Bajie: We're not leaving without the book, Minerva.
The Widow: Come and get it.

Baron Hassan: Please, I'll support you.
The Widow: I could have used your support at the conclave. Now I only need one thing from you, Hassan. It's your head.

Quinn: My intention is to make Henry my rightful heir. Veil and I are to be married.
Veil: You can't be serious.

Bajie: I saved your life, and so did that kid.
Sunny: I have to get Veil and the baby back.
Bajie: And what kind of man will you be when you do, huh? What will there be left? You'll have Veil, but I was right about you. You'll always be a killer. Go on, clipper, run along. You're Baron's calling you.

Into the Badlands Quotes

Lydia: These past few months have been the happiest I can remember in a very long time. You saved me.
Penrith: We didn't save you - the Gods did.

Sunny: Give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you right now?
Bajie: Because it will be a lot harder to win chained to a corpse.