He's alive? He's alive!

Veil [to Lydia]

The Widow: Sunny, if you kill me, you will never find your family. I know where Veil is, and your boy, Henry.
Sunny: Tell me where.
The Widow: I'll tell you everything that Chau can't, but not if I'm dead.

Bajie: I saved your life, and so did that kid.
Sunny: I have to get Veil and the baby back.
Bajie: And what kind of man will you be when you do, huh? What will there be left? You'll have Veil, but I was right about you. You'll always be a killer. Go on, clipper, run along. You're Baron's calling you.

Quinn: My intention is to make Henry my rightful heir. Veil and I are to be married.
Veil: You can't be serious.

Veil: You don't understand. Maybe, maybe I can make it through the ceremony, but I will not, I will not consummate this sham with the man who butchered my parents. I won't. I can't. I'll kill him first.
Lydia: No, you can't do that, that will put your life in jeopardy.
Veil: I don't care.

Sunny: Where's my son? What did you do to him?
Artemis: What did I do?
Sunny: You made him kill his mother.
Artemis: That wasn't my fault-it's yours. Do you know why you can never have the life you want? This dream? All this time, you've been so worried the threat would come from outside, but it's been inside you all along. And now, it's in your son.
Sunny: Where's Henry?
Artemis: He will become you, and that will be your legacy.

M.K.: I couldn't find any wounds. There are some weird markings on his chest.
Bajie: His chest? Oh, shit.
M.K.: What?
Bajie: The bruises. Cyan must have attacked him with the 5 poisons.
M.K.: The what?
Bajie: The 5 poisons-The Hand of the 5 Poisons. That's one of the abbot's deadliest techniques. What are they teaching you?
M.K.: So, what can we do?
Bajie: Nothing. There's nothing we can do. Look: this one's already affecting his brain. Liver, kidney, lungs are next, then the heart. He'll be lucky if he lasts the day.

M.K.: You're just angry because you know this is the right thing to do.
Bajie: Every time I try to do the right thing, I end up tits deep in shit. And I do NOT like having shitty tits.

Sunny: Where are you going?
Veil: I'm taking Henry away from here-away from you.
Sunny: What? Why?
Veil: Sunny, I don't know what's going on. Why would you give him that sword? The cuts on his back. The dead pigs-wolves did not line them up like that.

An escort of my men will take her [Jade] to the border, and then she's on her own. Let her suffer what miseries she's given to others.

Quinn [to The Widow]

Welcome home, Bajie.

The Master

Jade: I thought you didn't kill women.
The Widow: You're right: I don't, but he might.
Quinn: Always good to see you, Jade.

Into the Badlands Quotes

Lydia: These past few months have been the happiest I can remember in a very long time. You saved me.
Penrith: We didn't save you - the Gods did.

Sunny: Give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you right now?
Bajie: Because it will be a lot harder to win chained to a corpse.