He's not a hockey player, Clive. He's a felon!


Liv, I think Clive is cruising for a bruising.


Hockey Mom: They're so cute. Which one's yours?
Clive: The little blond one. [Liv body checks a guy twice her size in front of them]

Ravi: Oh, hell yes. Thanks for texting me.
Clive: Would you have forgiven me if I didn't?
Ravi: Never.

What, no guillotine for me?


Don E, what the hell did you do?


Our dental plan is brutal. Do you know how much a new chiclet cost?


Liv: If we can find enough evidence to back up my vision, we could finally put Blaine away in zombie jail. Freeze that clown
Ravi: That's a dream.

What happened to us? We used to be the OG Z's. Now, every time we get together, it's all "Where were you the night so and so was killed?"

Blaine [to Liv]

How many times must I deflect and evade the same questions?


Liv: Do you know if Mama Leone is still alive?
Levon: I don't.
Liv: Do you care?
Levon: Very much

Chase: You've been found guilty of the crimes of human smuggling and the unauthorized creation of new zombies. The sentence for these crimes are death to be carried out by public execution at 12 o'clock this afternoon.
Mama Leone/Renegade: I'm not ready to die.
Chase: It'll be painless.