They're hunting us.


What you did was disgusting! You seduced my husband, and the whole world was going to know. We would have both been disinherited you stupid, selfish girl!


Liv: The best thing you can do for yourself, and for Peyton is, be honest, be direct, and be Ravi because Ravi is a pretty cool guy.
Ravi: Thanks, dad brain.

I'm, like, sooooo grossed out right now.


Liv: Major Nathaniel Lillywhite!
Major: Don't even!

Clive: You wanna watch a little TV or something?
Wally: You ever see Game of Thrones?

They want to know when the humans are coming to get them.

Zombie Teacher

Clive: I hope he doesn't scratch any babies while he's out working the trail.
Liv: I gotta say, buddy, that's more than a little offensive.
Clive: It seems like a reasonable concern.
Vivian: Sensitivity to our kind will come in time.

No, no, no. If they want to eat brain mash, let them eat brain mash. In this house, we eat whole brains and solve murders.


Major: Okay, is she, like, the single most selfish person on the planet? She literally made you Eskimo brothers with Satan. She does not deserve facetime with you.
Ravi: She doesn't?
Major: She slept with Blaine, which first of all--ew, and second--I can't even.

It just really hurts me when somebody hurts you. You're like my best friend ever.


Look at us! Working together to solve mysteries. We should get a van and a dog.


iZombie Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Wally's father was a bit of a nightmare.


Wally: Is that mustache real?
Clive: No, I glued it to give myself more authority in situations like this.
Wally: Well, you look like black Tony Stark.