Well, if this isn't a surprise. You finally tanned and dyed. Mind if I join you?


Natalie: I definitely didn't fake that one. It's the first time in years.
Major: I'm glad I could be a part of it.

Liv: I wanted to ask you something. What exactly are we?
Justin: I've been meaning to bring that up. We're zombies.

Ravi: I have to ask, did you see my..?
Liv: I don't want to talk about it.
Ravi: That's what I thought. You're welcome.

Ravi: Is this how it's going to be now? You refusing to even look at me?
Liv: I'm not to look at you.
Ravi: Clearly, you're being distant. It's not my fault we brain banged.

Ravi: Did Ms. Kupps ask you about the passengers. You know, anyone carrying anything odd?
Witness: Yes, and I told her about the man sitting next to me. He was very suspicious.
Clive: How so?
Witness: Well, he was one of those...you know, like you [nods at Ravi]. And he had one of those whositwhatsits on his head.
Ravi: A whoseitwhatsit?
Witness: One of those Muslim thingamabobs like Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard.
Ravi: So, by "whoseithatsit" you mean turban; by "Muslim," you mean Sikh, and by 'like me,' you mean brown?
Witness: Yes.

Liv: That's all you got? You slept with this woman.
Ravi: It was a grudge boink.

From Shawna's ramblings it seems you had an intimate relationship with a human, and she did not turn into a zombie. So, either you discovered a revolutionary form of prophylaxis, or you're human.


"According to a source in the medical examiner's office, who saw bodies from the party first hand..." Ravi? It's obviously you. Why would you be a source in this absurd story? This is exactly what got you fired from the CDC.


Clive: That doesn't bring Wally or Ana back. Hell, it doesn't even feel good. I thought it would.
Liv: He didn't do it.

There are a few developments. You might want to make some room on the front page.


Liv: Seattle has a zombie mayor.
Peyton: Who is also, possibly, a serial killer.

iZombie Season 3 Quotes

I propose that from this day forward no big secrets between the five of us.


Ravi: Unreciprocated. You didn't get that down
Agent: Only because I can't spell it.