You know ours is the greatest love story ever told.


Rogelio: If Esteban makes you happy, for some very strange, inexplicable reason...
Xo: Stop, he doesn't.
Rogelio: Thank God.

Anezka: Baby has your sense of humor: laughing at others' tears.

I feel like I'm locking you into the patriarchy as I do this.

Professor Donaldson

Awe look, they're having all the feels. All three of them.


I'll see you tomorrow and then everyday for the rest of our lives.


Why do you have a sex basket from my mortal enemy?


Michael: No seriously, I can't wait.
Jane: For all the sex? Yeah I get that.
Michael: To marry you.

I'm getting tired of you assuming that you're the better person.


Rafael: We got him through a whole year. Don't we deserve to celebrate that?
Jane: Yeah, we do.

Petra: I just didn't want you to be right all the time.
Jane: It's not a competition.
Petra: Sometimes it can feel like one.

Rafael: So my lawyer said they could go easy on me or they could want to make an example out of someone like me.
Narrator: Rich, entitled, son of a crime lord.

Jane the Virgin Season 2 Quotes

I'll say this, the girl's got spunk.


Rafael: Wait, what? You just gave birth.
Jane: Yeah, exactly. I'm his mother, and I have to feed him in 92 minutes, so I'm not just going to sit here and wait. I'm going. End of story. I'm just going to need a hand out of bed. Grab those wipes, and grab that burp cloth. Oh, and I need pants. Hey, can you grab me that bag of, um, adult diapers. Alright, let's go!