In English, in honor of today, I am overwhelmed by the love and support in this room. As I studied for my citizenship exam, I learned about 'E pluribus unum," "out of many, one." It is said that it originated by the famous Roman writer Cicero about family and friends. When each person loves the other, as much as herself, it makes one out of many. And as I look around this room, I understand what he meant. Out of many, one. You are all part of my journey. I spent so many years, worrying about being separated from all of you. And I am so grateful that I will never have to worry about that again.


Jane: It's fine, I don't like surprises, remember? This is good, I can get a manicure, be Instagram-ready.
Xo: Wait, does that mean you're saying 'yes'?
Jane: I love him so much. He is my future, who else could it be?

Rafael: I was hoping to get your blessing first. All of yours. I want to do it right this time.
Xo: Of course, you have my blessing.
Rogelio: Mine too. I've gotten over my ambivalence for you. I meant, this past month's Jane has really seemed happy, again. What more could a father want?

The most important piece of real estate in my future isn’t some big hotel, it’s a one bedroom apartment with you. That’s my dream.


I think it’s just hitting me that there is no finish line. I thought once chemo was over I’d put it in the rearview mirror and leave it behind, but it doesn’t work like that. Donna was fine. For five years she was fine and now, she’s not here anymore and that just sucks.


I’m not talking about your overrated bushes you diabolical diva.


River: I underestimated you.
Ro: Thank you, most people do.

River Fields: It’s cheesy.
Ro: It’s romantic. And romance is what telenovelas are about. A pornography of emotions. This can’t just be an ordinary American soap opera.

Xiomara: You're sorry? My mom is late because of me.
Immigration Officer: Reason doesn’t matter.
Xo: Oh yeah, it does. Because I have cancer. No, no do not look away. I have tubes coming out of me and puss dripping in these bags, and it hurts like hell, but I came here to see my mom take this damn test because being a citizen of this country is important to her. So, I am going to need you to let her take that fricking test.
Narrator: Well, if there was ever a moment to play the cancer card, this was it.

Jane: And like I said, I love you.
Petra: Well, thank you. I appreciate your explanation.
Jane: You have to say it back.
Petra: I don’t want to.
Jane: Petra…
Petra: Can I say it in Czech?
Jane: No, I want it in English right now.
Petra: Fine. I love you too. Just don’t cry in front of J.R. Ever

Wow, I’ve never seen anyone not like Jane before. It’s honestly a turn on.


Okay, things not to bring up. Let’s start with the three “I’s.” Insemination, infidelity, and any other indiscretions.


Jane the Virgin Season 4 Quotes

Wow, dad just put Darci's vagina on Instagram.


Petra: So you're telling me you're 100% over Rafael?
Jane: Well 100% is a big number, but I don't want to be with him and he doesn't want to be with me. Petra, he wants to be with you.